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Child Traumatized by SeaWorld Tragedy


"The family of a New Hampshire 10-year-old who watched a killer whale batter and drown a trainer at SeaWorld has filed suit against the amusement park, the Daily News has learned.

Todd and Suzanne Connell, who took their son Bobby to Florida in February to celebrate his 10th birthday, say the boy looked straight into Dawn Brancheau's eyes as the doomed trainer briefly freed herself from the orca's jaws.

Bobby Connell "saw the look of horror and desperation on Dawn's face as she was swimming for her life," the complaint reads."

Edit: I wonder if we are hurting children by making them believe that wild animals are cute Friendly creatures like a Disney Movie.


I fucking HATE Sea World and any other "amusement" company that exploits animals.

I fucking hate even more the parents who exploit the death of another person, transfered as "emotional trauma" to their child, for monetary gain.

Nobody wins in that case. Sea World gets a bad rap (deserved), a woman loses her life, a child witnesses a tragedy. The best thing for that kid is time and some counselling.


Those people must be very fucking naive to think that something like this couldn't happen. It's like watching a lion tamer get mauled and being like, "Oh wow, I did not expect that. Not at all."

They're just looking for a cash cow. I would never dream of suing a place for those reasons.


I'm no marine biologist, but maybe it's time that we stop fucking around with KILLER WHALES.

They aren't cute, they aren't amusing, they don't enjoy being kept in tanks...they want to be released into the arctic seas so they can do what they do best....KILL THINGS.

These fuckers will scoop up a mouthful of like 6 seals, grind them up into a bloody, blubbery paste and spit them out just for fun, as we might do with a handful of skittles, and people seem surprised when a trainer gets killed.


what the fuck documentaries have you been watching?!


-"Orca Annihilation: Blood-toothed eviscerator of the frigid north".
-"Death Whale X - Time for Death"
-"Free Willy vs. The Meddelin Cartel" (this one was great! Willy makes it deep into the Columbian jungle somehow, despite the fact that he's an aquatic mammal and there's no water)

These are all scientifically valid documentaries. Check pubmed...it's all there..


Retarded. They are KILLER WHALES. They are teaching their kids, once again, to avoid personal responsibility. The real tragedy is THE TRAINER WHO GOT INJURED, not the little kid who finally realized that dangerous animals can in fact be dangerous.


Yeah, well, you know, that's just like, uh, your opinion, man.


The real tragedy is that people expect the biggest and baddest predator in the world to not fucking kill things. I understand these whales are intelligent, but come on, anyone remember me recently posting the video of the killer whale killing a full grown great white shark? Fuck the trainer, she knew the risks, it's just like I don't think Grizzly mans or Steve Irwins death are a tragedy, they died doing a dangerous job. They died doing something they loved. They are the lucky ones.

A Tragedy is a child dying of lukemia, never getting to live through adolescense, young adulthood, adulthood, and old age. A Tragedy is some fat slob dying slowly on his couch with a face full of chips and soda and fast food. A tragedy is a man broken of spirit, humping out a job he hates to support a wife he can't stand for the rest of his miserable meaningless life.

In other words, the parents should take the kid aside and teach him about death, risk and danger, and they should also explain to the boy that it is better to die in the mouth of a killer whale, than it is to get an anyurism while trying to push out a shit.



This! Good post.

Animals kick ass... except one particular species that's a total anomoly. I think it's called the Homo sapien, or something.


Dolphins kill shit in the wild too. And they hurt more people than sharks.


Well the presentation name was "Dine with Shamu".

Seems pretty self explanatory to me.


I agree to a point about the trainer. The only thing you should be training this animal to do is to swim thru a hole to another tank so you can either clean its main tank or have it swim to a smaller tank to be examined.

Training or Swimming with a Killing Machine and teaching it tricks for a crowd is insane.

If you take on this responsability as a Trainer then you are taking your life in your own hands So Vegita & PX yes the real tragedy is that a person had to die in front of a crowd for people to stop and go hmmm wonder why this happend.

I'm wondering how in the hell the Parents think they will get money out of this. Kid learned something about life the hard way...so did the parents it seems.


Did you read in the article where the family said it was their 4th annual trip to Seaworld? If they win the case, the kid should turn around and sue his parents for their share for repeatedly putting him in harm's way and then the trainer's widower can sue HIM for profiting from his wife's death. Then Sea World can sue the trainer's widower for having a wife dumb enough to work with an animal that had killed 3 times before.

They're all profiteering, irresponsible idiots who want to blame someone else so they can profit.


Touche, madame. :slight_smile:


Bros, use the proper name. They're called orcas. That said, they're top level predators that can go toe to toe with great white sharks when they feel like it, so yeaahhhh


You mean kill and eat them like a sardine?



"Killer Whales"

They're Orca Delphinidae. No more "killers" then any other predator.

We all gotta eat... He says, munching on the second can of Tuna today...


Please watch this video in its entirety.

These whales catch a sea lion, pass it around like a football for 30 minutes while it's still alive, and finally deliver a "fatality" by batting the little fucker 60 feet in the air.

I can't get over the fact that parents will willingly place their 5 year old kids in front of these malicious two-toned cocksuckers for a "birthday kiss"


I'm wondering why mom didn't cover his eyes instead of letting him look directly into the eyes of a woman being mauled to death. They see that the whale is attacking, why not spin the kid around until it's over and then explain what happened to him later when things are calm.

I have a 9 year old and I can't imagine just standing there and letting him watch the whole damn thing.