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Child Protective Services


One of the more disgusting things I've ever seen. This made me rage pretty hard.

Also the man lost all rights to see his daughter 5 days after this at the behest of CPS.


Questions are toxic to children, man. It's science. I wonder where she got her Masters in Applied Nitpicking. Water has nutrients? I didn't know that.


There are almost too many things wrong with this video to even list, but obviously one huge thing was this very obese woman lecturing someone on proper nutrition. I guarantee you she doesn't even see the irony/hypocrisy in it either. I guarantee you she doesn't.


Yeah she was projecting hard.


I couldn't finish the video made it about half way through and was about to destroy my comp. What a fat cunt.


I pity her husband. Unless that's just a ring she's wearing to say "I'm not interested".


"I am overweight but I do eat as healthy as I possibly can."





I didn't finish the video either. I made it up to the 17:28 then my internet disagreed with my decision.


And now imagine an America in which EVERY decision is made and enforced by a snotty bovine female bureaucrat like this one. It's coming, gentlemen.

She's a FACWAP.

A fat-ass cunt with absolute power.


When I was a boy I dreamed about the day when I could marry and sire a few children just so that a SFACWAP could make all decisions regarding raising them.

This is all so terribly inspiring and romantic.


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Avert your eyes, datz child abuse...


Abusing two children at once, sneaky bastard...


Ooh, good, Orion. That's a better (and more cacophonous) acronym. I had neglected the "stupid" part, assuming it had been covered by "cunt", but SFACWAP is better.

It also puts one in mind of the sound one's schlong would make if you pulled it out of a fat lady bureaucrat's ass and smacked it across her face: "sfac-WAP!!"


Kick that bitch right in the FUPA.


Oh my god, I made it to 5:45 and I want to throw my computer our the window.


It get's much, much worse.


Didnt watch it, I knew it was bad just by the Jaba the Hut look without pushing play


no, no, no... I mean putting our natural rights that are protected by plain and clear English up for "interpretation" could never lead us down a path of destruction and decay, things like you never mention could NEVER happen here.


Shall not infringe and all that.