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Starting a log to keep track of things during the t-ransformation2019.

Starting point
Age 32
Height 175 / 5ft 9in
Weight 89.2kg / 196.6 lb

Lifts are weak for this site´s standards. No squats and deadlifts due to a spinal injury. Working on keeping things stable with physiotherapy but will resort to machines where needed. Hope to eventually add DL back in but dont see it happing, yet.

Looking to get three strength sessions in per week. Will add cardio due to the t-ransformation.


Week 2 - yesterday´s session
warm up 5 min on stepper, crunches 3x30, back extensions 3x20 42kg
Leg Press 20x50, 15x100, 12x140 kg
Dips 4x10
DB Row rehab version as per doc´s orders 15x10, 12.5, 12.5 kg
Incline Bench 15x35, 10x55, 6x65 kg
Triceps Push Down 10x15, 15x15, 10x20 kg
Hammer Strength wide grip Press 10x 50, 70, 90 kg
Rear Delt Machine 3x10 34kg
5 min stepper

Today - Cardio session. Not used to this, adding this only because of the t-ransformation:) starting light, aiming to increase intensity/duration over time.
5 min bike
5 min on 80´s old school climber. Calves were on fire after just 5 min. Need to work on that one. Older Cardio machines seem to be much better than the new stuff.
20 min stepper


packed city at the gym today. improvised.

warm up 5 min stepper, back extensions 20x43, 20x52, 10x61 kg
Bench 20x35, 15x45, 15x55, 12x65, 6x75 kg
Pull Ups 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
Rehab rows 15x8.5, 12x10, 12x12.5 kg
Seated Chest Supported Row 12x75, 12x90, 10x100 kg
Close Grip Pulldown 15x43, 10x61, 10x70 kg
SZ Curls 15x17.5, 12x22.5, 15x22.5 kg
5 min stepper


Friday workout
5 min stepper
Back extension 25x43, 20x52, 15x61kg
Hammer Leg Press 25x50, 20x90, 20x140, 18x160, 15x170kg, superset with
Dips 11,11,11,11,11
Rehab rows 15x 7.5,10,12.5kg
Incline Bench 15x45, 9x55, 8x55 - needs work
Tricpes PD 15x15,15,15
Rear delt 12x43,43,43
Hammer wide grip Press 10x60,80,90 - 90kg only half reps
10 min stepper

Weight in after two weeks: 85.8kg, 22.7% BF.


Week 3
5 min stepper
Back Extension 26x43, 21x52, 16x61 kg
Hip Thrust 20x40, 20x60, 15x70, 15x80, 15x90 kg SS
Pull Ups 6,6,6,6,6 - hard
Bench 20x45, 15x55, 12x65, 8x75 - hard - SS
Rehab Rows 15x 8.5,10,12.5
Seated CS rows 15x75, 12x90, 10x105 kg
Close grip pull down 20x40, 15x50, 15x60, 8x70 kg SS
SZ Curls 15 x 17.5, 22.5, 10 x 27.5, 27.5 kg
12 min stepper


Cardio day
30 min bike
15 min stepper