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Chieftain’s Transformation Log

rest day yesterday with stretching, a walk and relaxing in the sauna

leg day
two topsets
seated leg curls 65
leg ext 80
back ext 72.5
hammer front squats 115
abs 22.5
chins & dips 3x10 bw

easy for 10 mins, hard for 20, added another 10 for 40 total
40 mins
20.5mph, 68 rpm, 1k cals lol, 13.78 miles

Martial Arts today. easy session.

have been training but not logging thes last couple of days

Tuesday upper body

today legs
two topsets
leg ext 87 kg
lying leg curls 50 kg
Hammer Front Squat 125 kg
Back Ext 90 kg
calf raises 80 kg

PR @ back ext and squats

20 min on airdyne slow and a biceps workout today

legs yesterday
two topsets
leg ext 85 kg
lying leg curls 52.5 kg
Hammer Front Squat 130 kg
Back Ext 95 kg
abs 25 kg

PR @ back ext and squats

32 min run over lunch today

upper body
5 min on stairmaster
2 topsets 2x10
straight arm pull down 27kg
pull downs
db shoulder press 20kg dbs
bench 60kg 2x8
hammer row 40 kg 2x20
triceps ext 15kg
curls 27.5kg
leg raises