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Chieftain’s 2020 Transformation Log

30 mins slow cardio on airdyne today

5 min intense cardio warm up
row machine wide grip 3x12 85kg
parallel grip 4x12 105kg
curl machine 4x10 25kg
Incline Dumbbell Bench 4x10 29kg
Lat Pulldown broad grip 3x12 79kg
back ext 3x10 55kg
done in 45 mins. no supersets as gym has new covid rules.

Two workouts only last week. only 68k steps which is an all time low - was very busy at work.

Strong workout today. Last session before the lockdown tomorrow.

5 min intense cardio warm up
Row machine wide grip 3x12 80kg

  • parallel grip 4x12 105kg (full stack)
    Bench 4x10 80kg
    Pull downs 4x12
    Front Squats Machine 4x10 150 kg
    Bench Machine 4x10 80kg
    Crunch Machine 4x max

both bench and squat PRs.

20 min slow and steady cardio on airdyne 54 rpm

quarantine workout

20 min on airdyne fast pace 71 rpm average
DB workout 4 sets each
shoulder press

intense cardio session yesterday

20 min on airdyne - hard - 79 rpm average. 7.95 miles, 23.8 mph and allgedly 666 cals (lol). no sprints just went fast all the way.


finally did another quarantine db workout… time to get back on track

db workout yesterday
full upper body + chins

65 min slow cardio at 54 average rpm

10k walk today

20 min on airdyne 74 rpm average

100k steps last week

20 min on airdyne to get in some movement today

20 min on airdyne, fast pace, forgot to check average rpm

20 min on airdyne at 76 rpm average