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Chieftain’s 2020 Transformation Log

Happy New Year Everyone! :slight_smile:

This is my second t-ransformation, whilst I didn’t keep a log here last year the results were ok - this year ok wont cut it, aiming much higher this time.

Training wise I’m currently doing an antagonist split. Have done this for a few months now and really like this style of training. Might change to a classic bb split during the transformation, not sure yet, dont have a real reason to change yet. Adding more cardio now.

I have never counted calories before, this is something new for me, curious how it goes. Starting with 2500, focusing on getting enough protein (3g per kg).

Starting point:

Looking forward to this!!


Good luck man! Looking forward to following along!

Thanks man!

Helped a friend move to a new appartment today. Lots of furniture and lots of stairs… overall a good workout.

Skiing all day saturday
Arms day yesterday
Chest & back today
Starting with lower weights than before the xmas break

16k steps today

Hack squats
Aborted leg press due to back acting up from skiing thus weekend
Glute machine

Nutrition 100% on target today

Woke 83.0

25 min cardio
6 min abs

10k steps yesterday, otherwise rest.

Woke 82.8

Seated db press
Pull down
Plate raise
Straight arm pulldown
Side raises

13k steps

Sauna/rest on sat

45 min walk
25 min cardio
6 min abs

14k steps

Arms today
Pull downs
Preacher curls
Skull crushers
Seated db curl
Db extensions
Gigaset hammer/normal/outer/innercurls
Triceps extension machine to failure w dropset

14k steps

Chest & back
Gym was overcrowded, improvised
Incline Bench
Bench Machine
Parallel Grip Machine Row
Reverse fly

Short & intense

13k steps

Hack squats
Calf raises
Biceps pump work

17k steps

Shoulders & back
10 min cardio warm up
BB Press
Weighted Chins
Lat pull down
DB press
Close grip lat pull down
Lateral raises
Straight arm pull downs
Plate front raises
10 min cardio

Forgot to mention I weighted in at 82.2 / 19.4% yesterday. Will be using Fridays as weekly progress check.

15k steps
30 min cardio
6 min abs

Did tons of errands, very active for a saturday.

12k steps

Chest & Back
5 min cardio
Parallel grip rows
Db incline
One arm rows
Machine rows
Chest Press Machine
Cable reverse flies
10 min cardio

15k steps

5 min cardio
Bb curls
Push downs
Sz preacher
Reverse push down
Seated DB hammer curls
Rope overhead extensions
Machine curls
Triceps machine
Biceps pumpset reverse/hammer/normal/outer/inner curls
10 min cardio