Chicolin and Stevia powder


Have anyone of you heard of chicolin? It’s a complex carb that does not cause insulin spike when ingested. I am willing to buy some of these but need to hear some of you who has ever taken it before.

What about Stevia powder?


If chicolin is the same as inulin and i think it is then it’s supposed to be a 0 glycemic carb which provides food for the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract.Stevia is a zero carb herbal sweetener.

stevia is very concentrated, something like a thousand times sweeter that sugar, so it’s hard to use for sweetening coffee or whatever. What I’ve done is mix the stevia with chicolin, to make it less concentrated (with added benefit of the chicolin). Unfortunately stevia doesn’t taste like sugar, but is very sweet.

Try splenda it is great for sweetening and it has zero cals.

Stevia tastes like shit. Man, I still have one of those 4 oz. bottles I bought a year ago. I bought it due to a Charles Polquin seminar. He stated that a 1/8 tsp dosage per day for 30 days, you could restore your adrenal glands after 8 weeks of thermo or caffeine use. I bought some and even if it were to work, you’d have to choke it down. No thanks. I bought it to replace my Nutra-sweet, didn’t happen. I now use Splenda (sucralose). o calories per packet with the sweetness of 2tsp of sugar.