Chicks who drive trucks....

I dig em!

Who’s with me?

You know, a friend of mine in high school had a “theory” that all girls who either drove trucks or smoked menthols put out. And generally that theory was correct.

I always found that rather amusing.

The day I see one who doesnt look like Roseanne Barr or any fat butch, maybe Ill join your ranks…

What about JEEPs??

No doors, no roof and wearing a bikini in the sunshine. I miss my JEEP!! I miss going off-road.
Trucks are cool too with a good body lift and hyooge tires.

I think Chicks in Jeeps are the ultimate in sexy, I don’t know why, I just do.

Chicks in trucks are cool as well, but damn, the girls in Jeeps are the shit…

Let me elaborate. I’m not talkin about the Roseanne Barr clones who drive big rig trucks here. I’m talkin about the sporty, “I don’t mind sweating and gettin dirty from time to time” chicks who drive pickup trucks. I was in my car the other day and this really cute girl drove past me in a little pick up truck and I just thought it was cool and it kind of turned me on. When you think about it, I am willing to bet that she was the kind of girl who would play a pickup game of football on the weekends or go through a brutal squat day at the gym with you. Know what I mean? Unlike a girl who drives a Jetta or something like that, who is probably high maintainence and wouldn’t conceive sliding in the dirt playing baseball or softball game. Come on guys, you know what I am talkin about!!..haha

Monty…sorry dude, I would never hang out with a girl who smoked. Thats just not cool…;o)

Hell yeah…Jeeps would fit into this criteria. Damn, you’re hot…(wink wink)

Hey i’ll take a country girl w/ a truck any day! Shoot, a girl that will keep beer in the fridge and lisen to pat green makes me harn n shiny as dorian yates

Trucks. Baseball caps with a pony tail. It’s all good.

forgot to resize my pic…but here it is. It was a piece of crap when I bought it. Amazing what some bondo, paint job and tires can do.

I miss shifting gears.

For some reason, I have never seen a woman driving a Toyota 4-Runner who wasn’t hot. I don’t think ugly chicks are allowed to buy them – it negates the warranty or something.

Actually, I think as a distinction from the truck chicks, I dig the chicks who like those mid-sized SUVs like Pathfinders or 4-Runners. Nothing against the larger ones, but those are usually moms driving around their little soccer teams, whereas the mid-size SUVs tend to be the hot, sporty chicks. And, not as likely to be those “playing for the other team” as the truck girls I think.

Brider hell ya pony tails in the baseball cap…grrr sexy!!!
and hot chicks in pickups Ohhhhhhhhh gurgl gurgl

I love women. I don’t give a fat baby’s dick what a woman drives. I’m sitting here trying to think what difference it could possibly make, but all I can come up with is maybe she’ll help me move.

Man, I once hooked up with this chick that drove a jacked up pickup with flames on it. She was my sugar momma and we had mad-crazy sex every day for a month. Then the novelty wore off and I moved on!

Her truck was huge! Big, black pick-up with red flames and huge tires. I almost needed a step stool to get in it! And she was loaded (money in the bank from a horse-riding accident).

And yes, girls who smoke like to poke! That’s the general rule. I think it’s so true too!

I also think it applies to girls who drink liquor as well. The darker the liquor the more likely they put out!

So if you’re looking for some easy hook ups, find girls who drive big trucks, smoke or drink dark liquors!

NATE: Yep. The more they take in artificially (smoke, booze, drugs), they easier they are to get in, too. I am talking about psychology, not about tactics to score. The inability to standstill. The need to get stuff in.

Unfortunately, this is not the same thing for common sense, and selfishness seems also to be very proportionally couple for the need for intake (smoke, booze, drugs, dicks, etc.): The more, the worse. Oh well, call them a force of nature: tornado-style, leaves nobody indifferent. Enjoy the show!

End hijack

Iron Maiden, where’s the bikini pics? :D)

yeah didn’t she say something about having the top off too! :slight_smile:

Oh wait a minute that was the roof.