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Chicks that apparently failed English


I have a problem with them. If a girl sends me an e-mail and uses horrible grammar, I'm not sure I want to date her. It turns me off. Legitimate complaint or pedantic? Make the call.


If English is her first language, then you aren't being obsessive by being turned off. Maybe it's just me, but I don't want to read an email from a 10 year old girl, and that's what I would think I had received. Grammatical errors are not a problem. A grievous misunderstanding of the written language is another.


PRLJMFN - u r so nt funee. dont make phun of thos of us thet kant tipe gud.


It depends.

Everyone has a different conception of what tone and style to which email should accord.

Many view it as an informal note, while others (me) devote as much attention to their brief writings as they would to a formal letter.

Personally, if I know the chick is no dense, it don't ruffle my feathers. :wink:


Can't stand it! Also, people who don't know the difference between a regimen and a regime, people who "conversate", add a "k" to especially as in; "I ekspecially like the color blue", people who live "acrossed" the street, there is no past tense of across!!!

Completely agree with you CMC. See, I have no interest a girl who, hot as she may be, is an idiot.

If Im interested in a girl and Im writing her an email, I sure as hell am no writing like a 5th grader. Besides if she cant type, what are the chances she knows how to stay inshape and wont transform into fatass major by age 35 or 40? You gotta think ahead.


another one that you just got to love is i have to axx you a question unstead of ask. that one realy gets on my nerves.


She made the typical bonehead mistakes in her e-mail: your instead of you're, there instead of they're, etc. I can't respect a girl that writes like this. Contrary to all the joke making, I'm a brainy type. If this girl doesn't have a handle on fundamental English, I can't expect her to want to talk about worldly shit with me. It's all shopping this, hanging out with my friends that. Shut the fuck up. Is any girl that DOESN'T post on this forum mildly intriguing or intelligent?


U 4got da onz tht r 2 la-z 2 type full wordz n punk2atn just bcz!

(You forgot the ones that are too lazy to type full words and punctuation...just because!)


Givz em styhl! U no? D-fur-nt!


A girl has to know how to spoke. If she never learned how to spoke I don't want to spoke with her. Hey CMC you fuck I always make the "your you're" mistake. Generally due to not proof reading. So you saying you wouldn't go out with me. Hey wait stratch that dude I'm not gay. :wink:


I'm not in a situation where I can be that picky!

But it is annoying how bad some peoples grammer/spelling can be.


No matter how physically attractive a girl may be, if she is stupid, I'm not attracted.



All other women are idiots, you are stuck with us. Sorry!

If I find some smart women I will send them your way.


First off you guys are all hilarious i definitely needed to laugh and this forum never disappoints.

Second analyze your reasons for communicating with this member of the opposite sex. If it is for a meaniful relationship then i agree with your quams and say move on.

If it is cause you are looking for a fuck buddy ( as i am currently in the hunt for as it has once in the last year but i will not get into that ) then who cares as long as she is willing, able, and legal.

Just my two cents on the matter.


CMC, do mean things like

Believe 'dat, playa and
da hood on da wesside of Baltimore



Legal schmegal


Jeff: Bro, "believe 'dat, playa" transcends our language. It's so right that it can't be wrong.


CMC, if I was gay, we'd have a grand 'ole time. I'm something of a grammar bitch myself. Can't stand any of what you mentioned, and YES, it's a legitimate turn-off.

(But don't hate me if I splice commas)

Jared NFS:

Between that second post and your 'location', you had me in stitches. Highly amusing.



How can I bitch when I can't distinguish between 'was' and 'were'. So much for proofing.