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Chicks are strange

Anybody notice that girls love to squeeze zits?? I dont really get zits, but every now and then i’ll get a HUGE bubp on my back that swells up and throbs for a few days. When i tell my girlfriend she gets this crazed look in her eyes and demands to have a go at it. I dont mind to much since its instant relief from the pain. Are other girls like this or did i just get ahold of a sicky. Figured i’d throw somethin different out there in light of all the verbal bloodshed on the board lately. Ohhh it feels so good when one of those puppies lets fly. Hmmmmmm…

Well…some girls don’t, but many do. There’s a methodology to it, so learn to do it right if you want to do it yourself (not your back, of course).

I KNow!!! what the fuck is up with this?? MY last girlfriend wanted to do this all the time. She loved when I was on a Mag 10 cycle :slight_smile: She used to work at a spa and her favourite thing to do was to extract people blacheads. This just makes me fucking sick. I don;t get it.
:wink: Groove

yeah same thing w/ my ex she’d beg me to do it.

One of my ex-girlfiends, liked to pick my black heads on my face… I really don’t get what was the fasintion of my black heads… Single now and loving it…

My mother would do that, whenever she saw a blackhead on my face. Weird.

I don’t break out often, but my workouts get me so sweaty that I tend to get a couple on my back.

Man, I have to watch out when I’m shirtless around my girl or in the shower together. If she sees one on my back, she tears it up! Mutha sucka hurts like hell too.

I recently waxed my chest and stomach, and I have some ingrown hairs, and she’s been trying to bust them too.

Girls just enjoy doing it for some reason. And she says that you have to do it right or it won’t work properly. And of course, she knows how to do it right. At least, that’s what she says while she’s putting me through the pain!

Must be genetic, because I’ve been with the same type women. They’re attracted to them like a magnet.

Interesting, men eye the breasts and want to reach out and squeeze them, and women notice the zits and want to reach out and squeeze them.

And they say men are gross…

My wife does that as well. I have no spots anymore but she always used to years ago…

Used to really annoy me…


So let’s see, I get on the juice and grow a few more muscles, but more importantly grow a bunch of hideous zits on my back and shoulders.

Then I stroll down to the nearest beach, shirt off, and flash those beauteous babies for all the hotties to see, and they come flocking all around me.