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Chickenfoot - The Latest 'Supergroup'


The latest 'supergroup':

Sammy Hagar (Montrose, Solo, Van Halen) - Vox
Michael Anthony (Van Halen) - Bass
Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) - Drums
Joe Satriani (Solo) - Guitar

Heard these guys? "Oh Yeah" isn't a bad song.

Is the whole greater than the sum of it's parts?

Band site- http://www.chickenfoot.us/band/

Oh Yeah

Soap On a Rope

Down the Drain


I think they sound pretty good, especially compared to a lot of other stuff on the radio right now. I knew Sammy Hagar was in the group but I didn't know about all those other guys. That's a sick lineup.


Solid, quality music. I'll buy the album.


they ain't gonna save the world but these guys can party and sound awesome live and that's enough for me. i bet their live show kicks ass!!!


Sounds like a time warp back to the eighties. I definitely noticed some Van Halen licks in there. Good to listen to LOUD.


You know what, i'm a big fan of all four guys and thier respective bands, but these songs feel a little lifeless to me. When I first heard that they were getting together, I was pretty amped. But, so far these songs are just average at best.

The problem with "supergroups" is that the expectations are so high, since the band members are typically known and very accomplished musicians and most often, the music rarely meets those expectations.

That's my opinion, anyway.


holy shit i have to see these guys do highway star...this is one of the purest rock vids i have ever seen:

chickenfuckinfoot !


I think that is one hell of a lineup for a band, but after listening to one of their songs, I was expecting better from them. Those guys are seasoned vets in the business, I was hoping for something more.


I saw them on Conan a few weeks ago ... schmea ... personally I'm not a fan of Sammy Hagar


My friend saw them last tuesday and loved them. But then he lives and breathes music and would appreciate the complexity of their songs and shows. He also showed us a video on his camera of Chad Smith handing him a drum stick and Joe Satriani looking at the camera and pointing his gutar head at it whilst sticking his tounge out


I've already got my tickets to their upcoming show.


I've been jazzed for so long now since I heard rumors they were in the studio. I'm a HUGE Satriani fan and love the old/new VH also. Though I like the Chickenfoot album, Satriani definitely held back on the guitar. He also kept the sound raw for the most part. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. Just have to get used to Satch not going berserk on the guitar. Maybe next album.....

My favorite song:

Get It Up


Yeah, I agree. The supergroups are artificially created and it's doubtful they'll match the energy and momentum of the original bands.

That's why I said, "solid, quality" music. It won't be groundbreaking, but these guys are pros with probably a decade of musicmaking between them. Just a nice, well-made rock album.