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Chicken Recipes


Anyone have good recipes for making chicken? I probably eat that more than anything else except oatmeal and protein powder. The less ingredients the better, I know they are usually good but I hate finding recipes online that require 10 ingredients when I only have 3 of them. If people start posting I will contribute more but here's a start...

BBQ Sauce
More BBQ Sauce
BBQ until cooked


24-48 hr marinade in 1000 island dressing. or chicken marinade. or just boil in water and just add some bbq sauce. the best way to grill is on an infrared grill. I love my Q! I can grill any meat on there. cooks fast and thru. and no open flames means no burn marks. no crunchy chicken and retains all moisture!


For simple recipes this is a good book on how cooking does not have to be hard to taste good



So you are looking for chicken recipes, I presume because you'd like some variety... but you don't want these recipes to have many ingredients? Do you see the paradox here?

Well, here's a recipe that sounds like something you'd enjoy preparing:

1 LB Chicken Breasts (Boneless, skinless. Preferably free-range organic)

Step 1. Apply steam to chicken until chicken reaches desired level of doneness (Chicken will resemble plastic or rubber doggie chew toy).
Step 2. Enjoy!

OK, seriously, I don't know any simple chicken recipes. Chris Shugart has a saying: "The more you cook, the better you look." Spend some time in the kitchen, experiment, try some complicated recipes. Your taste buds will thank you. Your stomach will thank you. Your physique will thank you... and possibly most importantly, women will thank you.

Ever look at the ingredients in a typical bottle of BBQ sauce? shudders

Here's one of my favorite chicken recipes. It's complicated, has lots of ingredients, and takes some serious time to prepare, but it's well worth it in my opinion:

Persian Chicken Stew (Khoresh Fesenjan) Served over Saffron Basmati Rice- Serves 4
I first had this from an Iranian restaurant right near my office. It tasted so good I thought it couldn't possibly be good for me. Boy was I ever wrong!

Stew Ingredients:
-2 tablespoons olive oil or ghee
-2 pounds chicken breast, preferably free-range organic, cut into chunks (see notes)
-1 large onion, cut into thin slices (I like a sweeter onion, like vidalia)
-1 tablespoon cinnamon
-1/2 teaspoon cardamom (optional)
-3 cups pomegranate juice
-1 cup tomato sauce
-1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
-2 tablespoons blackstrap molasses
-1 teaspoon salt
-3/4 pound walnuts, processed into a fine meal (be careful not to over-process the walnuts into a nut butter)
-chicken broth as needed

Rice Ingredients:
-1 cup long grain brown basmati rice
-2 cups water
-1/4 teaspoon turmeric
-1/4 teaspoon saffron threads
-1/2 teaspoon olive oil

-Heat the olive oil or ghee over high heat in a large pot.
-Add the chicken and saute until just browned on all sides. Remove the chicken to separate platter to rest, retaining as much cooking oil in the pot as possible as well as any of the juices from the chicken.
-Add the onion to the pot and saute until soft, golden and translucent.
-Add the cinnamon and cardamom and continue sauteing for an additional minute until very fragrant.
-Add the pomegranate juice, tomato sauce, lemon juice, molasses and salt, stirring to combine, and bring mixture to a boil.
-Reduce to simmer and stir in walnut meal.
-Return chicken to the pot, Adding just enough chicken broth if the mixture doesn't cover the chicken sufficiently or if mixture is too thick. Simmer until chicken is cooked through.
-Meanwhile, as the chicken cooks, rinse rice under cold water thoroughly until water runs clear.
-In a small pot, add water and stir in turmeric until dissolved.
-Add rice, saffron threads and olive and and bring to a boil.
-Reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally, until all liquid is absorbed.

Serve the stew over the rice along with your favorite green veggies.

-Depending on your physique or dietary goals, you can choose to use skinless and boneless chicken to reduce fat content, or not. Just be sure to adjust the cooking time accordingly, skinless and boneless chicken taking less time to cook.
-I rarely if ever measure out any of my ingredients when I cook so these are approximations. You may want to adjust the recipe to suit your tastes. Too sweet? Reduce the molasses. Too bitter? Add more molasses or less lemon juice. Etc. Play around with the recipe and make it yours. Most importantly, have fun!


Pan fry a chicken breast in store-bought pesto, olive oil, and lemon juice. Easy and amazing.


To use left-over (plain) chicken breasts, Mexican style:

3 cooked boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cubed
One 14oz. can beans, rinsed and drained (your choice - pinto, black beans, whatever)
One small or medium onion, chopped fine
One 8 oz. can of salsa. I like La Morena chipotle but use whatever you like. I like thin style (not chunky) for this recipe.

Combine ingredients in a large bowl and stir well, coating the chicken and distributing everything evenly.

Pour into a 12x12 baking dish or casserole dish that you've Pam'd or wiped with olive oil. Cover dish with foil/lid - or not- I've done it both ways. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

Makes two servings. Add grated cheddar cheese and sour cream on top.


That one kind of sounds like this one I make, the following broke my original comment post about 5 ingredients but it works as an entire meal, not just the meat portion. The exact amounts on any ingredient is not too critical so its hard to mess this one up unless you overcook the chicken. You can also add/swap other ingredients, this recipe was a combo of several I found online. I just made it easier and used ingredients I was familiar with.

In a crock pot for 4-5 hours on high or whatever the normal chicken directions say
6-8 chicken breasts (I prefer boneless)
1 Can diced tomatoes
1 Can tomato sauce
1 Can of chicken broth
Some water, enough so chicken is now covered in liquid
1 Chopped onion
1 Pack of enchilada Sauce mix
Chili powder (table spoon or so)
Olive Oil (2 table spoons or so)

On the last hour of cooking add
1 Can of black beans
1 Can of Corn
Cilantro or other spices you may prefer

Unless you can find thin tortilla like chips for a soup, slice strips from a tortilla and cook in oven until crispy. Add on top of your serving of soup with cheese. When eating as leftover cook the tortilla strips on each day, they are not good if left in too long.


Chicken breaded in italian style breadcrumbs(whole grain if you can find em) and saute in olive oil, great with a lot of stuff especially pesto or a homemade marinara which is also pretty easy.

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Whole roasted chicken is pretty delicious and quite easy to make, but it just takes time for it to cook. But once you've prepared it once or twice it's pretty easy.

I usually have about a 3 lb chicken but you can use any size, just adjust the cooking time.

Basic version:
-pre-heat oven to 350
-Put salt, pepper, 2-3 garlic cloves halved in the cavity
-put the chicken in a deep roasting pan (I usually use one of those enamel pot roast dishes)
-dab with butter (2 tbsp-ish)
-salt, pepper and thyme to taste

Cook uncovered for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, basting it in the last half hour of cooking periodically. (90 min is good for a 3 lb chicken)

My better tasting version:
-Put fresh or ground thyme in the cavity plus a handful of fresh parsley if I have it
-melt the butter in a small dish and blend it with a teaspoon or two of mustard powder and pour on top of the chicken
-sprinkle with a pinch or two of mustard seed

This is absolutely delicious cold too.

Chicken breasts:

-Preheat frying pan with coconut oil
-throw in a bunch of chicken breasts, season with salt and pepper, a pinch of onion flakes and rosemary and season other side when you flip them
-when they're done, douse them lightly in lime juice. I keep a bottle of lime juice in the fridge just for salmon and chicken breasts, also delicious cold (and hot!)