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Chicken Pox in the Mail


possibly one of the most disgusting things ive read in a while. so what happens when some wacko with herpes decides to suck on a lollipop and send it to kids?


When my daughter was 4, there was a chicken pox outbreak at her daycare. On day 1, they posted a big sign on the door to inform everyone entering that 2 kids had it. By the end of the week all 53 kids had it, including mine. Not sure why anyone would have to mail order that shit, just let your kid play with other kids their age.


People are actually paying for this too, not just shipping btw. Time for a culling.


Well if kids young enough to eat unwrapped, partially sucked candy are answering the mail unattended and if parents open a package to find said lollipop and give it to their kids, we have a bigger problem.


Yup. There are parents who are ordering these pre sucked lollipops online to intentionally give to their kids so that their kid will get chicken pox. These parents are going to feel real dumb when someone decides to send out a presucked lollipop with anything other than chicken pox on it claiming it's a chicken pox lollipop


Why would anyone purposely expose their kids to it anymore when there is a vaccine? I am 33 and never got the chicken pox but I did get a series of vaccines in college for it when they first came out. Even my kids have had the vaccines.

Oh wait.... I just remembered that some parents are all weird about vaccines and that they allegedly cause autism. That would explain it, maybe.

To each his own.


If you have raised children, you're already an expert in the subject, it doesn't matter if you take decisions like this that compromise the health of your children.
Meanwhile, if you don't have children, you have nothing to say about the topic of children and their education.


So I won't comment on this, because since parents who have raised children are doing it it means that it's right and me, who has never raised children, can't say it's a bad thing.


Yes. Only people who have kids can spot idiot parents.


Like, I've heard of parents purposely letting their kids get chicken pox, but pre-sucked lollipops, that just crosses the line.