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Chicken Pox at 23


My niece got it and just when I tought I didn't catch it(about 20days after) the first pox marks appeared, now I look like a zombie, haven't pushed the weights since and no beach for a while.. this is just horrible.
Do you think it's safe to get some sun after they crust over and fall?


Sorry man. I got them in high school and it sucked balls. I just wouldn't risk anything that is going to irritate your skin any more than it already is.



dude i got that shit in kindergarden


Special little boy.


Sucks. I haven't gotten them yet either. Think I'll go get vaccinated soon now that you remind me.


is that not common? i thought most people got the pox before like, 3rd grade


I got the measles in like kinder


I got them at 23 too -- that was the sickest I have ever been...

I would think that if you are over the main part, going into the sun isn't too dangerous, though you may want to consult your doctor and not a random dude on the internet :slight_smile:



Go to the doctor if you start feeling really bad. I have an uncle who got chicken pox as an adult and it nearly killed him. He ended up hospitalized for several days. It's much more serious for adults.

I think going out in the sun would be fine, but I'm no expert.


The shingles is the adult version of the chicken-pox, and yes it has been known to kill.

However, last january, when I was 19 I got the chicken-pox(not shingles, thank god) and boy was it bad. I mean they appeared freaking everywhere and I felt so bad the first day that I genuinly felt like I had contracted some lethal influenza virus. It was awful. Very hard to describe.
Luckily, mine didn't itch that bad and even though I scratched at quite a few of them, none left any scars or marks.

Something I wouldn't wish on anyone though.
I remember the doctor didn't give me anything just told me to wait at least a week confined to home and wait for it to clear up.
Do go to your doctor though, to verify whether it is shingles or just the chicken-pox.


Shingles are not the adult version of chicken pox. It's more so a byproduct of chicken pox. You cannot get shingles if you've never had chicken pox. Chicken pox is a form of herpes virus so once you get it the virus remains in your body forever in a latent state. It will erupt again throughout your life in the form of shingles due to stress and what not. Kinda like cold sores.


sounds lovely


My older sister got them when she was a kid. My mom had us sharing drinks and eating off the same plate so I would get them too. Didn't work. It's a lot easier to deal with as a kid; getting them as an adult/teen is the shits.


Ya I've heard of parents having "parties" when a kid gets the pox to try and get it to spread around on purpose so they get it out of the way.


Are you sure you've heard of this...or did you just watch an episode of south park? lol =P


I've never had them before. Is it possible to not ever get them?


I thought most people got the chicken pox? I remember got them when I was three. I figured that everyone had to have been exposed sometime before.


I never got any of those childhood viruses, hopefully this is the first and last time, what really sucks is that an infected person can be contagious even 2 to 5 days before evident symptoms, making it very difficult to avoid.
The pox marks are starting to crust over, as far as symptoms go it didn't really itch much and the fever was just mild so I didn't take anything, also got a sore throat and headaches for a couple days.. the worst thing are really the marks, they look horrible, before and even after they start crusting, can't wait to go back to normal life again..


Quoting advice from a physician: in adult chicken pox, keep everything scrupulously clean, multiple showers per day if necessary, you don't want any secondary infections! Wait until things completely heal before going out, both to prevent your exposure to other stuff as well as not exposing others to chicken pox.


no that's pretty true. my 'rents would make my brother and i go on 'playdates' with other kids who had the chicken pox.

i think it took like 4 or 5 before we finally caught it.