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Chicken Necks and Q10

I was at a friend’s place today, and he had just been on a shopping trip to the helth food store. He’s a friend and cool, but has a neck like a number 9 boiler, has never seen the inside of a gym. (his girlfriend squats bodyweight ass to the grass!) Typical lazy guy wanting to buy good health and looking about 15 years older than he is. Anyway, whilst perusing his purchases, I came across a multivitamin that I’d never seen before which included Q10, an enzyme that I hadn’t heard much about. When he told me that the bottle of 90 caps cost him 170 euros ($160US) I nearly dropped it. After only finding a little info about it on the site in an old antioxidant article, I thought I would ask you guys/gals if you have used/use Q10 and whether it is worth the effort?

Not worth it…mostly hype in my opinion. Besides, I am sure if he wanted to include Q10 in his supplement program, it would be cheaper to buy a big bottle at Costco for like $20 and add it to his multi.

Coenzyme Q-10 occurs naturally inthe body, and is concentrated in the heart tissue. Natural production tends to decrease as we age into our mid-40’s. Worth it? Not for me to judge, but the $160 IS way out of line.