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Chicken Legs help


My goal this summer is to try to finally get rid of my chicken legs. I have develop some size in my upper body but still cannot put on any size for my lower body. I just started doing legs twice a week and was hoping that would help. Basically, I am looking for a good recommended leg workout that lifters have had good success with. Any recommended articles on the site I should follow?. Should I just pick one and go with that? Do I just need to squat to I puke :slightly_smiling:

I just recently gained 7 lbs which I think went into my upper body. I am a pretty small guy (5'3 125lbs). I also have another local power lifting competition coming up in September, so I was hoping putting some size on my legs would improve my bench.



Meet in September? Get a coach.


Eat. Eat. Eat. Squat heavy. Deadlift heavy. Eat. Eat. Sleep. Eat.


If a lot have had success with it, then you can't fail unless you're not working hard and/or eating enough


Also if you want to optimize size, then tailor your assistance lifts to that. A few sets of 6-10 reps on your assistance lifts should seal the deal. There is really no reason you'd have a problem adding size. You addressed the meet as "another" meet so am I correct in assuming you've competed before?


ya more or less

then eat to compensate for what you just puked up. or put the puke in a blender and drink it. it's been done no joke lol



He's probably attributing bigger legs to being heavier and a higher squat to more leg drive.


if your genetics are shit for legs, your legs will be shit. i personally can do a decent amount of weight on hams, quads, and calves, but my calves are only 15 inches while my quads are 24-25. my family has little legs due to our genetics. i would suggest running at incline and heavier higher reps on calf isolation workouts.
good luck


thats the shittiest excuse ive ever heard. if your "genetics" are shit for legs, you might have to work harder but that doesnt mean you HAVE to have shitty legs. what a cop out.

dont listen to this OP.


Define "decent weight" please.


^, ^^, ^^^ Same boat. I do seated calf raises with the weight sitting directly on my legs in the power rack, and can grind out a set of 8 with 515. Calves are 15.5". FML. Also full squat 315x5 with 25" legs. Haven't PL squatted in a while, but probably close to 475 if my squat/DL ratio is still the same (just hit 5 plates).

My legs stay very lean compared to the rest of my body, though, so that may have something to do with it. Abdominal skinfold right now is 27mm, and legs are 8mm.

Just gonna have to put in the extra work, that's all. As soon as I reach my current goal, I'm going to start focusing harder on legs. Only working them once a week ATM, but I'll probably go back to two or three times a week (hopefully soon).


I dont know how anybody hasnt suggested it, but the obvious solution for fixing chicken legs in 20-rep squats with a gallon of milk per day. Now, I dont know how much a 6-week cycle of 20-rep squats will take of your total in september, but it definetely fix your chicken legs.


^ this


OP are you doing a bench only meet? If not your focus should be on bringing up your squat which should aid in the development of your lower half? How much are you squattiong now?


Sorry, I totally forgot I posted this thread. Anyway, my meet has been pushed back to some later date. I have only just started getting into some power lifting competitions, so I am still a beginner. I have only done one and did well, so I was planning on getting in a couple more. I only participate in the bench because my deadlift and squat suck.

I am 3 weeks into doing the "blood and guts workout" and I like it so far. Started putting a little size on my legs. Should I stick to this program? Anybody try it and gain leg size? Dorian doesn't do regular squats but does incorporate hack and leg press. Is that enough?


Wouldn't a program like mass made simple work out? It's revolves around heavy squats and high reps :stuck_out_tongue:

not to mention it's simple to follow (not easy to do! but simple!)


You shouldn't be worrying about powerlifting meets now, you should be focusing on leg training, and the rest of your body. Simply put, pick 2-3 exercises that you feel in your quads, hams, and calves, and get a LOT stronger at them over the next year. So maybe front squats, leg press, leg extensions, romanian deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, leg curls, and some calf raise variations. Add 150+ lbs to what you can front squat and do 15 reps on romanian deadlifts with, and your legs WILL be bigger. Don't over-complicate shit.


I might be a noob at weight lifting, but I know something about the scientific method. Track your progress. If it's working, keep at it.


Hey H4M, are you back from deployment yet?

And on the topic of leg training, I would train legs twice a week. You could have one day devoted to quads (f. squats, lunges, leg press, ect) and the other to hamstrings (sumo dls, romainian dls, leg curls, glute-ham raises). Also be sure to train some calves on both days as they seem to respond well to frequency.

Alternatively you could split your volume for quad and hamstring work in half and do some of both on both days.


Dude. I've gotcha beat. I hit 325 for 10 squat but have 24" legs.