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Chicken Legs FTW


Old log maxed out..

Tmill 3.6mph 1.8miles
single leg ext 3x12x70 ea
HS hammie curl 3x15x55
abductor mach 3x12x70

26 days to launch..plan on doing a very liteweight version of 5/3/1 with training maxes around 60-65% of everyday max at least at the start. My spreadsheet is ready!



Tmill 4.0 mph 1mile
back ex 5x12
seated cable row 4x12x70
rev curl 3x12x40
rev fly 4x12x30
cable side lateral 3x12x10 side
bb curl 2x25xbar

the sucky part is feeling fine but not being able step up..25 days to go...



2.5 mile gorilla walk
.25 mile swim in the bay (yesterday) wow was it a sticky humid day yesterday..

Today is 2 months post-op ! 23 days to go.

Enjoy the football today!



Football is gud, ya.


TMill 4.2mph 1 mile
single leg ext 3x15x60
HS hammie curl 3x15x55
abductor mach 3x15x60
DB farmers 3x100 paces x 35's
Rdl 3x10x65
baxk ext 3x15

19 days to go



Tmill 3 incline 3.8mph 1 mile
Paused BP barx10 95x5, 135x5, 185x5, 195x2
Incline curl Tate combo 3x10x20s 1x10x25s
Pec Dec 3x12x75 1x10x90
Kettelbell Farmers 4x100 paces x50s
rope pushdown 2x12x50
seated cable row 2x10x80

Time , well almost time for football and beer!



T minus 18 days.

Go Pats!


Walpole yesterday for 7 am ice time. Springfield today for 3 pm game. I've had enough driving to the far corners of Massachusetts. But the Pats stepped up and delivered even though I missed the entire game.


hahaha..gotta come to the south shore and put your feet up..look at the bright side there is only 7 or 8 months f hockey left!!!


haven't been to the gym since last weekend but i'm beat up

Cleaned all the windows and glass doors in my house...are you guys aware that there are 2 sides to every window? damn..and I have double hung windows so that's 4 sides per opening! double damn.. my shoulder kills

Stacked 1/2 cord of wood which isn't much but this 1/2 cord is the one I have to walk the furthest to stack from where they drop it..another cord coming next week ....wanted to try a new guy and didn't want to get in too deep until I saw his delivery quality and amount

been walking the gorillas everyday this week,

cleaned out the pool shed and cleaned out and re-organized the garage..found some tools I forgot I had, a dead snake, and now my car fits without smashing the doors into something!

Time to get out the saws-all and take down the ole basketball post!!


13 days to go!


Day1 of rejuvenation and reclamation ... 5s day .... dropped the training max way down and I'm not doing any max rep sets until next cycle.

Tmill, foam, stretchy

MP 5x95, 105,115
cable side lateral 3x10x15
pec dec rev fly 4x10x30
supinated pulldowns 3x10x70,90,100 feel the stretch in the ab plate..
kettlebell Farmers 3x100paces x50s

done did not hurt myself that's always a plus..



Good to see the winter training, OG keep it up!


Thanks Jack..its nice to get going !

Tmill 2.28miles, 4.5 incline
Deadhang chin 3,3,3
Plank 3x1min

could feel the stretch in the lower abs doing the chins...



Tmill foam, stretchy

DL 135x5, 155x5, 175x5, 195x5
back ext 12, 2x10 +10lbs, 10+25lbs
seated cable row 80x12, 100x10, 110x8
BB curl 55x12, 2x10x65
farmers 3x100pacesx50s

survived my first DL day!



Starting back always feels so good to me after a layoff. And 531 is a good program for controlled gains. Good luck to you!


Thanks Snap, it does feel good.. I'm much happier now! going to use 5/3/1 as a guide for 4 months and then see where I'm at compared to pre-surgery and see where we go from there..


Tmill, foam, stretchy

Paused BP 5x95, 5x135, 5x155, 5x175, 5x195, 2x205
Paused CGBP 7x135
Incline Tates 10x26s, 2x10x30s
Pec Dec 12x60, 10x75, 10x90, 8x105
rope pulldowns 3x10x60
neutral grip deadhang chins 3,3,4

going to take awhile to get back anywhere reasonably close to where I left off..




way to come back.


Thanks Bro much appreciated and BTW you have nice teeth!

Tmill foam stretchy

1,Paused squats 135x5, 155x5, 175x5 probably should have just started back with regular squats but oh well..nice and deep hip s complaining of the stretch but to F'n bad.

Leg ext 80x15, 100x12, 110x10, 120x8
2b adductor mach 4x10x80

3a. HS seated Hammie curl 15x45, 12x55, 10x60
3b. seated calf raise 15x80, 12x90, 2x10x100


tmill, foam stretchy

3s Day
MP 20xbar, 3x95, 3x105, 3x115, 3x125
cable side lateral 10x15, 3x10x20
supinated pulldowns 3x10x110
pec dec rev fly 3x12x30
Db Farmers 3x100pacesx60s

sore as a bastid after paused squats the other day..nice to have hat feeling again..although getting out of my car is interesting!