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Chicken Leg Cartoons


Just of intersting note. Even our muscle-men cartoons have chicken legs. I was watching 'Drawn Together' (which is hysterical) the other day, and the Superman character has this huge upper body and little chicken legs. Kinda sad. The creator of the show or the artist must be one of those guys who does curls in the squat rack


The same here.


I think only the "He-Man" characters actually had well developed legs to go with the big upper body.


But Lightbulbs are funnier, Johnny Bravo wouldn't be nearly as funny if he had well developed legs.


haha. true.


I thought that was rainjack. :wink:


I saw Johnny Bravo - and I thought this thread was about me.

I see nothing wrong with severe over-development of the upper body at the expense of the legs. As long as you keep your long britches on - who's gonna know the difference anyway?


All the X-Men characters are pretty damn huge. Wheels and all. Not to mention the females...drool. Does anyone else think Jean Gray should be a powerful image?


Yes, I do.


I think Halle Berry as Storm or Catwoman should be a Powerful Image. Jean Gray too. Or a powerful image of her playing Eva the transexual on Nip Tuck. That's one hot transexual.