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Chicken Breasts?


I'm currently working out my diet and trying to figure out how little chicken breast i can get away with and still get my required 30g's or so of protien? I know some of you might say more is better, but i'm an incredibly broke student so am having enough problems affording enough food as it is. I've had a bit of a look around on the internet in general and 4 pages have returned 4 different answers. Can someone give me a rough guide to go by?

Also i've been searching for about an hour now for two articles i remember reading here. One was on chinups and started off with some story about a chinup competition, and the other is Waterbury's high frequency routine article. Can somebody give me some links? or at least let me know how to find them since i'm guessing i'm doing something wrong.



My rule of thumb is the size of a deck of cards...

hope it helps..

...from former broke college student, still broke person



3.5 oz. of boneless, skinless chicken breast will give you:

160 calories
3g fat
0g carbs
30g protein


Why not buy cheaper chicken? Buy a huge-ass crate of chicken thighs, rip the skin off, trim some of the fat.

A large chicken thigh has 18 grams of protein and more fat and they're tastier and you can eat them for cheaper.

Any ol' crate of chicken pieces is a good deal.


...and 3.5-4oz is roughly the size of a deck of cards...



Why would a broke collage student throw away perfectly good calories???


If you have access to a big freezer, go to Trader Joe's or Sam's club (any of those places), and buy a big bag of frozen chicken breasts. Thaw them one or two at a time a day ahead. Extremely affordable.


I'd suggest you look into getting some turkey breast rather than chicken breast since it's usually cheaper - I lived off the stuff in college.


thanks guys, very helpful, for some reason I always thought you would need more then that.

I'm from australia though and we don't have a Trader Joe's or Sam's club here, nor have I ever seen turkey breasts for sale, but I might have a look around and see what I can find.