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Chicken Breast - Nutrition Facts?


Does anyone know the ACTUAL nutritional values for chicken breast? The values vary greatly online (fitday, nutritiondata, and others) and on package of frozen chicken breasts. I would really appreciate knowning the values for my food log. Thanks.


There are no absolutes, the ratios will vary based on numerous things including but not limited to brand, size, how they were raised what they were fed etc.

I would either take an average, or uses the information provided by the particular supplier.

In the case of breasts bought at a butcher I would find a reliable source that list ratios based on wt. and thickness as well as particular cuts etc.

I beleive all of the above sources of info in my humble opinion will work for you. Grilled chicken Breast is my primary source of protein and for my purposes it works out just fine and I think as long as you are in the general ball park you should be to.

If this didn't help may I ask why you need to be so specific?


That does help. Thanks. I do not need to be real specific, but the info I was getting was extremely different. Since chicken breast is and will be a large part of my diet, the 100 cal. difference per serving differences could greatly affect my overall energy balance while I will be in a cutting phase. I just want to get it right this time. Thanks again.


You refer to a 100 calorie difference between sources. Just so we understand are you comparing a portion size that can be considerable such as '1 large breast' or a more quantifiable portion such as '1 cup' or '250 grams' etc


Yes. Sorry. I should have said that in the original post. I was comparing 6 oz. of chicken breast.


I just found your post while googling & comparing nutrition info on chicken, as I'm trying to determine the same thing. It's amazing how varied the nutritional data is for skinless chicken breast! If it's any help, this is what I've found.

I usually cook fresh, skinless breasts in a skillet or on the grill. The data for "Chicken: Breast, meat only, roasted" that's referenced in most of the data sites seems about the most accurate. I use this info then add the data for ingredients like olive oil or chicken broth, depending on how I cook it.

4oz skinless chicken breast
190 cals
35g protein
4.1g fat
75-90mg cholesterol

Though, I think the protein might be a little high, the #'s above are similar to Perdue's "Shortcuts" pre-cooked grilled chicken. Hope this helps.


Hmm. For 6 oz/170 g cooked chicken breast, Fitday gives 275 kcal, and the USDA database gives 280. I'm not really seeing the problem here. Are you sure you're not trying to compare cooked and raw values or something like that?


While I don't have access to Fitday, I'm pretty sure virtually all the nutrition info sites use the USDA database. As good as the database is, there are some generic values (don't know if they're for cooked or raw chicken) that seem way off. If I use the values I posted earlier for 6 oz of chicken, I come up with about the same as you. Don't even get me started on Popcorn!!

6 oz skinless chicken breast, cooked
284 KCal
53g Protein
6g Fat
146mg Cholesterol


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