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Chicken and White Rice

who eats it frequently?

myself… what do you want to know?

Dolce is that a transformation photo in your avatar?

[quote]Fandango wrote:
Dolce is that a transformation photo in your avatar?[/quote]


lol yeah. i went on the chicken, white rice and test diet. i blew up.

but naw its just a neat picture i found awhile back. i’ll have a pretty good transformation picture in a few weeks, but it’ll be years before i can acquire that kinda mass.

Mah, that’s the most disgusting thing in the world, EVER. Here in our country it’s so common, that the synonim for “healthy eating” among “buddybuildass” is actually “chickenrice” (they don’t even write the two separately)

When I was a newbie to training I realised that 90% of the “gymgoers who are eating correctly” is actually having the same diet: morning: oat-whey, rest of the day (5 meals) is “chickenrice”… without any fat, without red meat, without eggs, without fruits, veggies, dairy… without anything else.

How can one live on those two things alone? I understand, that this is the cheapest way to go, but I found it a mostly unhealthy-disgusting way to eat.

(now, don’t get me wrong, I have actually no problem with it, just: brown rice is more delicious and easily digestible >for me at least…< and skinless-boneless chicken breast tastes like a rubberpiece compared to beef, pork, fattier meats. And I see no reason why should someone eat only chickwithrice five times a day, as they do it here in our country. :slight_smile: <

well, excuse my posting this bullshit, which you probably will not even read, but I simply wanted to express my take on the typical bodybuilder diet in my country. < :slight_smile:

Lol speaking of “chickenrice”…

What’s wrong with redmeatrice?