Chicken and Rice?!?!?!?!

WTF! My buddy is going on some chicken and rice diet because a “bodybuilder” told him its the best way to lean down. Am I the only one who thinks this is retarded? he also smothers his chicken in BBQ sauce. I told him to check out T-Dawg but because I’m not a “bodybuilder” obviously I don’t know anything…what do you guys think?

Well, the chicken is good, but the rice in huge quantities is bad… well, don’t really need to explain it. ask your friend to do some reading.

Been on a high protein medium fat and low carb diet for about 2 weeks, same weight, but reduced bf%

Your friend is as gay as the bodybuilder who told him that.

[quote]Nate Dogg wrote:
Your friend is as gay as the bodybuilder who told him that.[/quote]

lol classic! so true!



There is STILL a lot of “80’s” Bodybuilding thought out there when it comes to diet…and it’s in the minds of a LOT of young guys and gals!

You even have “trainers” putting people on “chicken and rice cakes” diets!



Just another thought…

Rice Cakes are the “poster child” of the “Low Fat Food” craze (that Chris and LL have been talking about lately…)

Low Fat, yes…but there has never been a more insulin spliking, high GI, fat promoting food to come out of the mind of men!


Yep that’s just retarded, outdated, bad diet information. If I recall, that was the diet of choice for BB during the low-fat fad.

The rice (I know they ate white rice) has minimal nutrition and is high GI. If the guy is already uninformed enough to consider this diet, he probably won’t believe you if you tell him all that white rice will impare his insulin sensitivity and just make him tend to put on fat.

What does your buddy look like? If you look better than him, rub his nose in it. If not, just smile and encourage him and watch his disappointment ensue… Or, if you’re not cut you could challange him and put the T-Nation knowledge to the test against his chicken and rice diet. I’m doing that now vs. my sister. We both have some pounds to lose, and used to go back and forth about diet and training stuff until she called me out and challanged me, and now it’s ON.


Some of you guys may not remember, but “back in the day” it was not unusual to read in the Mags about Bodybuilders and Trainers advocating almost totally fat-free diets (< 5% of total calories) and LOADS of carbs mostly in the form of rice.

What was interesting was that in the 50, 60’s and 70’s, they really didn’t give a damn! Scott, Sergio, Draper, “Arnuld”…all those guys would down big fat steaks, milk, creme and half and half!

These things tend to go in cycles, huh?