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Chicken and Beer: A Training Log

The day is Wedneday, May 7th 08. I got water in my nose and that shit is bothering me. Anyway. I plan to join a boxing gym in June and this is part of preparation.

I got the drills listed on paper, so I’ll hang them up.

June Goals:
Mile Run: 10 mins and under

I cut grass and drank some beer. I’m on my way.

Dude, I am mad distracted by my avatar.

Training: None

Diet: Spicy Buffalo Wings and a Beer I didn’t finish.

Was it a shitty beer?

[quote]AngryVader wrote:
Was it a shitty beer?[/quote]

I’ve been drinking Budweiser for the past 3 weeks, so going back to Bud Ice was lacking. I also needed to dump the beer before a cop pulled up out of no where.


Don’t drink and drive at 6 in the afternoon. Even if you do it while driving in the country. State troopers show up out of no where.

Good training today. No, I’m not gonna type it. Guess I’ll turn this into my own personal motivation thread.

Here’s a motivational pic.

I just got some extra motivation a few minutes ago. I might do some more boxing and burpees before I sleep. If I sleep.

8:30pm. Just got done working out. Bumped my leg twice on one of the benches. Right on the shin. Damnit. Workout was good, but didn’t finish. Have to meet friends at 9pm.

In the cafe/coffee shop. If it weren’t for the free internet and the quiet surroundings, this place would suck.

Jesus, I don’t wanna cut but I have to cut. Old pic.

Saturday: Night plans have been cancelled. Looks like I get to workout. YAY!..fuck. Boxing, burpees, and some sand grabs.

And to whoever is looking at my journal and bumping up the views. Thank you…not sure why you’re watching me. You could be looking at porn. That’s what the internet is originally for.

Just finished burpees and boxing. And a few sand grabs. Now to stretch. And get some milk. Damn its hot in here.

Wow, I typed this without my glasses and did great. With glasses, I type this shitty sentence.

[quote]WolBarret wrote:
I also needed to dump the beer before a cop pulled up out of no where.[/quote]

I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard.

Good log, man.

[quote]anonym wrote:
WolBarret wrote:
I also needed to dump the beer before a cop pulled up out of no where.

I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard.

Good log, man.[/quote]

Its funny cause its true. Which reminds me, I need to get that other beer out the car.

Say No to Alcohol, kids.

Thanks Anonym

I just woke up. And I feel like crap Every single day when I wake up, I feel as if God took a giant sized mallet and hit me with it.

Motivational Picture.

I need motivation with boobs. I’m tapped when it comes to motivation through bad ass symbols and bad ass characters.

That’s the stuff.

Here’s some motivation homie.

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
Here’s some motivation homie.[/quote]

I’ll kick his ass. Tyson style.

House rules
Sets of Burpees, Pull ups, and Sandgrabs per hour.

Trainiing Ideas:
Heavy lifting on Monday. 5x5 rules. Start heavy.
Medium lifting. I haven’t determined the numbers yet.
Friday is light to heavy progression. 5x5 rules.

Tuesday, Thurs, and MAYBE Saturday are high rep days.

Monday’s training agenda

Wake up:
Jog/Run the field. 30 minute timer.
Clean up and leave.

Promark Fitness Gym

3 sets:
Sandbag Carries
Squat Lunges
Pull ups

Weight Room:
Squats 5x5(1x10 at the end)
Bench 5x5(1x10 at the end)
Bent Over Rows 5x5(1x10 at the end)

Cool Down
2 sets:
Sandbag Carries
Squat Lunges
Pull ups



I can tell that this is gonna hurt tomorrow.


Tuna and Turnips
More Water.
I’m about to drink some Olive Oil.

Sunday. 5pm. I’m gonna kill someone if they show up with quality food.

I just got a haircut and I look fucking good.

How did my workout go? I’m glad you asked:

I did half of the warm ups, I didn’t want to burn out.
Woke up too late to run in the morning

I squatted just fine
I benched just fine
I should have put more on the Bent Over rows, but scared my back might cease up on me
Drank my protein shake and went home.

I’ll wait a while before I do some boxing and burpees. Then some sleep. Need to feed the dogs too.

And I still look good with this haircut. Damn good.