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Chick Spit


Simply a thread dedicated to female rappers. I'll start with Shystie.

Who do you like? Like most hip hop threads this is intended to stay away from the mainstream....although Minaj kills sometimes. ...



That's amazing, Hungry. Ridiculously soulful. I like her.


You son-of-a-bitch Count. I thought this thread was going to be about chick's spitting on you during sex. Here I am, all excited to engage in a discussion of the inherent eroticism involved in a chick spitting in your mouth while you're banging her into oblivion, and instead it's just a bunch of female rappers.

For the record: I like when Lauryn Hill "spits".


You know I only fuck women with their mouth sewn shut.


Same here. Dirty mind I guess.


Bullshit. You told me in a PM that you prefer that they whisper sweet nothings in your ear like "you smell just like formaldehyde" or "I can't wait until I'm dead and you fuck me into Hades" or "I love it when you cry during lovemaking" or "can you feel that fucking RAPE AXE!!!!!!? Can you?"


No, I agree with this to an extent. I don't think its a voice thing but I can't put me finger on exactly what it is.

As for voice though, a good match works well. As in fast "high tech" sounding beat to compliment a higher pitched voice.

Other than that they may try to hard to be tough on the mic.....then just end up cheesy.


No, you're good. I already have a choking and hair pulling thread...the confusion is just.


Well damn, now T-Nation nows I'm a sweetheart.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o6AqGcMkPs (at like past 1:00...)


My girl 4 life.


All good.

The second one tho...

"Turning heads like the exorcist when I'm flexing this"......yes


I like how her hangsta just seems so natural. Good shit. I forgot about her.


No Limit never gets old...