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Chick Makes Same Dumb Face in Every Pic



it made me lol. The music is fine especially in the end


Been done already but funny none the less.


she's hot


Good music.


I only watched the whole thing to listen to Indiana Jones theme song.


I'd hit it.


So it is true. If you get slapped on the back when making a face, then it does stay that way forever.


Makes me wonder if she has some kind of muscular disorder =P


If you squint really hard she almost looks like a blowfish


the best part is somebody on this site knows her, gave out her name, and people facebooked her.


Yeah, she didn't respond. That little minx!


Botox really does fuck up ya face doesn't it?


Look closely and you'll realize he's trying to hide his mustache.


I'm just wondering if she had a huge mole on the other side of her face or something.




lol they are all from the same side too


I don't understand why girls do that face, I always thought it looked stupid. It's something that started in the past few years. Why the hell do they make the dumb kissy face? Shit looks retarded!


there's over 2 minutes of material...?


If she was in bed with me and pulled that face all night I'd leave a mushroom print on her forehead and send her on her way.