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Chick in the Locker Room


So about once a month at this gym I go to, I'm in the locker room and this muscular chick comes in and showers and changes. Now I'm a little fat, but she keeps doing it and I can tell she is looking right at me out of the corner of her eye. I mean she looks a little mannish, obviously she is pretty built for a girl but she still has some of that girly fat on all the right places.

Oh and she has one MASSIVE clit, it's like an inch long I shit you not. I stare at her to let her know that I do dig her, I'm not gay or anything, you could just say I have a built chick fetish. She must have taken teh roidz at some point because I swear she had a 5 o'clock shadow one day. What do you guys think should I talk to her? Maybe grab some ass?



You should blow her dude. Like in the locker room, just start suckin on that inch long clit like it was a nipple man ... do it. Do it.


You idiot. That was no chick. That was me.


So THAT'S who I saw looking at the He-She...