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Chick Goes Crazy at FAU


This girl is fucking nuts. She got worked up over the subject of evolution and the attraction between peacocks




What a racist psycho, and I can't believe that guy she hit in the face just sat there.

She needs to go to a psychiatric hospital.


So what about the discussion of evolution and attraction between peacocks caused this reaction?

The audio was kinda messy so all I could make out was "I will fucking kill you" over and over again. lol


No, she needs to be in jail.


Wonder why it took so long to call UP.






Bitches be crazy


The bigger issue to me, is why did it take so long for somebody to come to the classroom. She had been screaming for 4 minutes on video and a few more before that? (my friend of mine who was there told me. She seemed crazy enough to pull a trigger


Seems to me like she was probably drunk or on drugs.


I remember having a guest speaker come in to our math class in 6th grade. He was some kind of mathematician. During the Q&A, one of the kids raised his hand and proclaimed. "I hate math and math hates me!"

Guess this girl feels the same way about evolution. My 6th grade classmate was quite calm, however. But this happened years ago, before the creatinzz was commercially available.


bitches be trippin'


It's not just the commercial availability either. Back in the day we only had them creatinezz monohydrate, now that they've jazzed it up with ethyl ester and whatnot, god help us all.


Clearly you've made a mistake. This young lady is the epitome of sugar and spice and everything nice.


vid#2. cant see shit but she gets hauled into a cop car after being tased


Peacocks sex life is serious bizness!


Haha, Awesome. Succinctly put.


lol sometimes there is just no substitute for the taser.



I think she just crazy.