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Chick Complains About Gym, Funny


I made it to 1:39.




haha her name is jenna marbles, tight chick who knows she's making money on her looks. She's NJ, not Boston but she works there now as a go-go dancer. Willingly strips, plus in my book. Got a degree in Psychology from BC i think, part of a generation of kids who got a degree before they realized they were qualified for anything they were going to do with the degree by just growing up, and exemplifies the complete waste of time that a required liberal arts degree is if you aren't dedicated to your field. Seriously, if you don't wanna be a history major, don't spend 50,000 a year studying it. All your going to learn is how to break down arguments, construct your own, and manage large projects. You could learn that in a year.


It took 8 replies before someone posted something vulgar. I am surprised. Keep it up TN, we are going in the right direction.


I watched it and it was boring.


hahah barstoolsports follower? surprised there hasnt been a thread on here about BSS actually.


Haha! Funny girl. I like her.


I wanna punch her so badly... I closed the tab at 0:20 secs.


I lol'd :smiley:

Acutally I was guilty of this at the gym recently when I was making sure I was cleaning more than the guy next to me was doing hang cleans with. I'm pretty sure he was doing it too because he put more weight on as I did and then had to take some off. And then I silently teehee'd and added more weight. And then I thought I was such a dork :wink:


For the love of god.... Pick a goddamn avitar and stick with it!!!

Is this the CRAZED CUBAN avi?



=D I think your arm is looking pretty huge btw.


"all womens section" better be the kitchen


YES!!! That's it!!!

Holy shit, that's funny!!


Cuban's going to hate me now....


Okay...that is the chick Bear posted in her log! The crazy dancing chick!!!!


I doubt it, Deb.

But, in the future, I have a feeling he just might. Copies pic


LOL @ "All-women's section"...could you imagine the fucking outrage if a major public gym had an "All men's section"? Feminazis would go CRAZY.


Dude, you're creepy. Do you always invest this much time finding out about hot chicks that live nowhere near you?


lol kanada possible serial rapist...

"low muscular strength due to cardio training - plus in my raping book"