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Chick Complains About Gym, Funny



It's good to know the issues a person can face with their neighboring elliptical-ers.

K, I'm going to go pick things up and put them down.


Yea, who would have thought the cardio bunnies are actualy thinking?


i don't know that she is thinking so much as projecting her unwanted thoughts / feelings onto others (e.g., those of being judged negatively, of not working hard enough).

luck growing your glutes elliptical girl.

i'd rather throw things up and slam them down.


Bunny ear bunny ear, side by side, around the tree and jump inside,through the hole and pull it tight,if you made bunny ears, you did it right... :expressionless:

I GOT BUNNY EARZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is she from Detroit, because she reminds me of Eminem?


No she's from Mass. She is a viral legend, she did the how an ugly can can look pretty


I made it 1:20 before I turned it off so I could smack myself in the face with a shovel. Holy shit that is annoying to listen to.

Can someone who had the patience to sit through that tell me what her problem was? Thanks.


That girl needs a penis in her butthole, badly...


She's kinda funny tho. And she looks pretty cute in her bikinis, tbh. I'm jelly. not really. ok, I am.

off to throw some heavy shit around.


lol cardio drama



Id hang out with her


1:53 amd all that kept going through my head was Rick James and "cocaine is one hell of a drug" ugh that was painful


I turned off at like 0:19 because like like this like annoying cum-dumpster like like couldn't like talk like a real fucking person.

Summary what came out of her cum-receptacle, anyone?


She can't stand people that are like, all up in her business and shit and like, far out.


I started the vid, then my ears started bleeding...


This bitch needs to stfu and squat.


She's mostly concerned with people judging her while she's doing cardio, specifically, the majority of women at her gym apparently leave their ellipticals at the lowest intensity, and then gloat as they watch jenna slogging along at a snails pace, not knowing that she is at level 45.

To be fair, she did correctly use HIIT (although I may have heard "HIITs"), and I have to believe that anyone who made the "how to fool people into thinking your good looking" relies strongly on self-deprecating humor


screw all you guys

i'd hit it!


she talks like a retarded.