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Chicago People?


Ive recently fell inlove with powerlifting. i love the challenge i love challenging myself. im looking to enter in meets but i know i need ALOT of work under the bar still. any one on here in the CHICAGOLAND area? I lift over at Conviction Fitness on Western and Montrose. looking to find some powerlifters to learn from and train with. my max squat is 365. ive been lifting for about 2 years now. im willing to switch gyms whatever it takes. i want to learn and get strong


Quad's Gym on the north side. Never been there myself, but it's the Mecca of Chicago powerlifting. It's a bit pricey at $75 a month, but I think that it'd be well worth it. There's also another Quad's in Calumet City, U.S.A. Gym in Bridgeview (where I'm switching to pretty soon here) and a few other PL friendly gyms. Hope this helps.



Opening soon in Plainfield/ South Naperville The Overkill Power Pit. Small but not just powerlifter friendly it is a POWERLIFTING gym!


Thanks for the Replies guys! i will deff head over to Quads. Im training at Conviction fitness so its not too far. Overkill power pit sounds legit but its out of reach for me. might go check it out still. thanks guys. any thing else?


Im going to check out quads on thursday. anyone lift their early around 9:30 - 10am daily? Looking to learn from some experienced power lifters. thnx


Where @ may I ask?

Need a another trainer?



where can i find some info on this? thats only a hop skip and a jump from me so id definitely check it out


I lift at Quads and there is a very small group of powerlifters (2-3, maybe theres more but I've never seen them) that lift in the afternoon, 4-5 pm, you could see if they'd help you. I've never lifted there early on week days, but I doubt your going to find a large group to lift with, the majority of the people I've seen work out there are recreational lifters at best, aside from a few bigger guys. The benefit to Quads is access to literally any piece of equipment you need (yoke bar, texas powerbars, elitefts competition bench, swiss bar, GHR, reverse hyper, heavy dumbbells etc). The deadlift platform isn't the best but you can use chalk and grunt and your not going to get kicked out. I pay $50 a month (had to pay 6 months up front), but I was also a "student" at the time, talk to Dave at the front desk, hes a great guy and might be able to help you out.


Rick, that is Rudy of Overkill gear fame's gym. Google Overkill Stregth and you should be able to get his contact info, if not PM and I can get it for you.

OP, Chicago area is riddled with PL/PL friendly gyms. Here is a very summarized list of PL in Illinois, there is more out there.