Chicago Gyms & Trainers

I need help! I just moved to downtown Chicago from Philadelphia and need to find a good trainer and gym. Ive been working out at some ok spots but could really could use some direction. Any leads are appreciated! THANKS!!!

If you’re willing to make the trek to Aurora Frantz’ gym is one of the most hardcore places to train period, but I don’t know your goals. It is about an hour west of the city depending on traffic and how you drive.

Other than that There are a few XSport’s downtown, they allow chalk and whatever else, 1 in the south Loop, Pipers Alley, and I beleive 1 or 2 others. Lakeshore Athletic club is gay and expensive as are most other gyms in the city. PM me and I can help you out with whatever

Frantz is great. Definitely worth the drive for squat days. Used to be Wed and Sat.

Also try Quads

Define Downtown. People from the burbs consider city limits “downtown”. What is the nearest intersection to you?

That will determine the gyms because while Frantz is good it’s an hour away though I hear a few guys make the hour trek every saturday to work out there.

Quads is in Lakeview near halsted/broadway/grace. Good gym with A LOT of serious guys there. Ed Coan I believe is still a part owner but I think he only works out at the Quads out south.

There is a world gym at broadway and I think montrose. It’s right by the jewel on broadway in the 4000 range in uptown.

I go to B&W gym at ridge and clark.

I’m not to familiar with the other froo froo spots since most don’t allow chalk.

Im at Grand & Fairbanks. Ive been working out at Lakeshore Midtown, but its very limited, caters to a different mentality and not my style.