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Chicago Endo

After reading to figure out my general crappy feeling since highschool, I want to see a hormone doctor to have some blood tests. I’m not looking for someone I can easliy convince to give me something, I just want someone who knows his stuff and can figure out what is up.

I live in CHicago, and have found a bunch of lists of these types of doctors. Anyone have any recommendations?


Are you saying that you feel “crappy”, and think it could be hormonal?

and how is this bodybuilding related?

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
Are you saying that you feel “crappy”, and think it could be hormonal?

and how is this bodybuilding related?[/quote]

A lot. The OP’s post was terrible, and please don’t call HRT endo, you sound like an idiot.

Sorry for the unclear message.

If you have seen a endocrinologist in the Chicago area and would recommend him, please send me a message.

My thinking was that hormones have a lot to do with bodybuilding. If I should move this topic to another forum, please tell me.

Haha, my bad didn’t realize that you meant endocrinologist. I can’t be much help tho since I don’t live in Chicago. I’d say get full bloodwork done, and if your numbers come back low, then start looking. Eventually you’ll find one that is willing to prescribe you with gel or patch or better yet injections.

That was something I was wondering about as well. I didn’t want to have the bloodwork done, go to the doctor with it and then have him disregard it since he didn’t order it.

A specialist like an endo is usually NOT the first stop. In fact, a lot of insurance companies won’t go for that.

The first step is usually to go to your regular doctor (GP) and ask him to run the tests. Tell him what you want and why. Make a good case for it. (You can always say you have low libido and maybe some erectile difficulty.) He’ll be able to figure out if the tests come back looking odd, but then he’ll refer you on to an endocrinologist.

If he won’t run the tests for you, find a new general practitioner.