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Chicago-Area Gyms

It looks like I may be getting transferred to Chicago and I wanted to get some thoughts on gyms. I will be living in Buffalo Grove-Deerfield area. I have been to PL watch plenty and didn’t see anything within a reasonable distance to there so I will settle for the best I can get. Thanks.

How far is Barrington from BG/Deerfield? Niles is a little farther south I believe. Waukegan?

Gym Name: Bronco Steel
Owner/Manager: Bigger, Faster, Stronger/Coach Joey Sanchez Tim Norwood, and Tom Derickson
City: Barrington
State/Province/Country: IL
Zip: 60010
Website: bhsfootball.com
Notes: Our Varsity team missed the playoffs for the first time in 7 years, so we are pumping almost every day now to come back Bigger, Faster, and Stronger next year!

Gym Name: Leaning Tower YMCA
Address: 6300 West Touhy
City: Niles
State/Province/Country: IL

Gym Name: Monster Garage Gym
Owner/Manager: Eric Maroscher-2-Time WPC World Powerlifting Champion, Phillip Daniels-NFL Washington Redskins Defensive End
Address: 2755 Delany Road
City: Waukegan
State/Province/Country: IL
Zip: 60087
Phone Number: 847-542-LIFT (5438)
Email: monstergaragegym@aol.com
Website: www.monstergaragegym.com
Notes: MONSTER GARAGE GYM has: ELITE monolift , ELITE bench press, Sarden bench press, Cybex bench press, Westside power rack, chains, bands, Westside Reverse Hyper,seated calve machine, pull down and low row machine, HAMMER Strength Iso Row, tricep pushdown pulleys , dumbbells, deadlift platforms, Bars: [Pasenella, Okie, Safety Squat, Bench, Cambered, Mini, Ez Curl], Sandbag (150LBS), Prowler, loads of chalk, etc. Neck Machine, Sled, bench boards (1-5), boxes…and MORE!
Zip: 60714
Phone Number: (847) 647-8222
Notes: Has a monolift.

Here’s the gym I train at


I love the gym, it has just about everything. They have a huge selection of strongman eqiupment, DBs up to 210lbs. It has a powerlifting room that has 2 monolifts, 2 competition benchs, tons of bands and chains, and 2 prowlers. I didn’t list everything that’s there, you could take a look at the website and see some of the stuff there.