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Chia Seeds?

I’ve heard such great things about this. Its a complete source of protein, high in omega-3 FA (almost equal to flaxseeds), prolong hydration of body, and etc. Why havent I heard of this before? Are these seeds hard to find?


LOL, cant be that hard top find. Just buy one of the Chia pets or heads off TV.

Man I had never heard of that Thx for the info… Actually I bet if you find a source of the Chia pet company they sell just the seeds.

Ltr, and thx again, interesting,

The problem with these “super foods” as of late is that they are so unknown that you really have to trust 1-2 sources for their proported benefits. This is because they havent been studied that much. Usually some of the groups who do push them have a vested interest in the product so one always worries about getting a unbiased viewpoint.