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Chia Seeds in Canada

So I got some Chia Seeds in a local heath store but they we’re a bit pricey, so I tried Amazon.ca which does not carry anything like that and .com will not ship food products to Canada. Just wondering if any of the guys in Canada have found a reliable supplier that may be close to the prices on Amazon. I’ll keep checking online but thought I would give this a try.

Is it just Amazon that doesn’t ship foods to Canada, or is it a foods and customs sort of thing? I’ve ordered online from chiaseed.com (I think, that or the Chia Store, or a bunch of other sites I easily found), and they’re pretty cheap when you buy a few lbs (and usually free shipping thrown in).


Found this


I’ve seen an Aviva in Winnipeg before, so I’m sure a larger city would probably have them too.

I’d also take a look at bulk barn or some store like that.

I think it may just be an Amazon thing but it could be customs. I’ll look into these other options, thanks.

Here, they ship to Canada