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Chia Seed: Whole or Meal?


I have been in the market to buy some Chia seeds for a while, it seems I am going to have to order it online, as no one sells it here in Finland.

I have noticed there are 2 variants, the whole seed or as meal.

The question I guess is which variant should I buy?
a) is there a difference in absorption f.ex as with Flax?
b) what size are the whole seeds (smaller or larger than milled flax)?
c) if going for whole seeds, are there differences between brands?

I am mostly going to use it in my casein shakes.

Maybe there are other ways to use the meal as well on whole food?

Thanks in advance,


I simply added a tblspoon to my shakes.

I do not think they need to be milled to be absorbed.

They were a great alternative to flax, as I don’t like the taste.

Chia seed should be bought whole. If you like it ground you can do that at home with a coffee grinder. Once it is milled it begins to break down. So, buying milled seed you have to use it quickly and keep it air tight and refrigerated.
Whole seed gives you better freshness and more options to use it. (on salads, steamed vegetables, etc)
Absorption per se is not affected by the form in which you eat it. The key to whole seed is that the chia itself first absorbs the liquid nutrients in the food it’s eaten with. Then, slowly digests, releasing those nutrients, as well as the ones in the seed over a longer period of time. You feel full longer and hydration is improved.