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Chewing Tobacco

Does anyone have info. on chewing tobacoo, for example Skoal or Kodiak. I’ve been chewing for years and I know it has a shit load of sodium in it. Any suggestions on how to quit. Also, how would it effect bodybuilders besides water retention, from all the sodium. Thanks guys

Shouldn’t lip, gum and throat cancer be a bigger concern?

To quit by some of that fake stuff…I’m sure you can find it in most stores it goes by different names but the best stuff is called Smokey Mountain. Now mix 1/2 can of that with 1/2 can of skoal or whatever. When you finish that mix 1/3 can of skoal with 2/3 can of fake stuff. When you finish that just dip the fake stuff and you’ll soon not crave the nicotine. This way may sound weird but it works!

I really don’t think the sodium is a big issue here. You are probably losing more water from spitting than the sodium from a dip will hold. Actually, when I wrestled in college, a lot of guys took up chewing as a part of their diet plan. The real issue here is your long term health. Kelley had a good idea with the mixing products. It will definately help. However, sooner or later, you are just going to have to suck it up and quit. There is no easy way out of addiction.