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Chewing the GI

Ok here is one I have thought about alot lately. It is now known that foods with high GI (Glycemic Index) are not good. They digest too fast and spike your systems, causing highs and lows. it seems foods with low GI’s are less processed than foods with high GI. Whole grains have more of the fiber in tact so they digest slower than processed grains with all the outer good stuff gone or milled up. I consider chewing food as another proccesing station before it hits your stomach. The old thing my parents taught me was to Chew Your Food! this was probably so I didn’t choke on it while inhaling it but wouldn’t it make sense to not chew your food? The bigger the chunks I put in my belly should digest slower as there is less surface area (what a scientific breakthrough). like for example granular sugar will dizzolve slower in water that powdered sugar, and sugar cubes even slower. So by not milling my food into a sticky mush before swallowing it am I making the effect on GI better? … Just a thought.

maybee in 20 years parents will tell their kids, Don’t Chew Your Food!

The resulting indigestion would likely persuade you to go back to chewing.

You know that movie Office Space where this one guy tells his colleagues about his his idea pertaining to the “Jump to Conclusions Mat”??? And it results in his friends looking at him and saying, “that is the dumbest idea I have ever heard.”??? Well…this post kinda reminds me of that scene. Sorry

Humans evolved to have teeth for a reason.

“This is a fuck!!” - Samir

well yea, i’m not talking about tearing a chunk of steak of the carcas and tipping my head back to let it slide down my throught, but I have noticed that people have different levels of chewing. My girlfriend chews until it is mush or liquid, like 30 chews a bite. I chew till I can comfortably swallow like usually 5-10 chews. I don’t have a problem with indegestion either. I was really just curious if there would be a difference in insulin response between a 10 chewer and a 30 chewer?

Bite , Gulp

A fine example of minutia, indeed.

Well there are several reasons you should chew that have nothing to do with choking:

  1. your saliva has enzymes that begin breaking down food immediately
  2. if you don’t, you make it that much harder on your GI and pancreas and liver to digest the food
  3. more food will be undigested and thus wasted
  4. more undigested food in your intestines means more harmful bacteria and yeast, rather than beneficial bacteria, thus leading to GI problems over the long term.

So… don’t try to outsmart evolution (or creation, either way) our bodies are built the way they are for a reason!