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Chewable Creatine


i went to gnc and bought there brand of creatine monohydrate and i didnt notice til i got home that it was chewable. is this kind effective ?


that sounds disgusting man


You can chew monohydrate powder. Don't recommend it, though.

Is it in tablet form? Hope it's flavored if it is.



Forgot to mention, what sort of creatine is it? What else is in it? It may be effective, though I'd bet overpriced.



gnc brand pro preformance doesn't taste bad has a little lemon flavoring. each tablet has 2.5 grams of creatine , 2g sugar, and 2g carb. 40 tablets in a bottle i think i paid 19.99 for a bottle and got the other half off.


they also make creatine bars, tablets, gel and a couple other things...i stuck with the powder. 200 servers for 20 bucks


If you're talking about the Vitalstate creatin chews, they are pretty good. VItalstate is headed by Terry Giles, who used to be with Met-Rx.



I can't believe how many posts still start with "I went to GNC and bought..."

Do T-Nationites have stock in this horrid supplier of supplements or something? GNC is the biggest rip-off in the world. For any supplement you can't buy from Biotest, just find an online wholesaler and get it from them. GNC charges like 3 times as much for the same stuff, I'm so sick of people wasting their money buying crap at that place...


No shit. The few non-Biotest products I buy I get them for half what GNC sells it for online. I feel bad, some of the guys I know at my gym talk about what is on sale there, never mind the quality of the product, if it's cheap protein, they just buy it. And cheap to them is $29.99 for a 20 serving box of who knows what MRP. Then again, they think M&F is the gym bible.


I remember when that Secretagogue stuff from MHP came out. Back then I was foolish enough to think it worked worth a damn, but at least I wasn't stupid enough to buy from GNC. The wholesaler I use had it for $30. GNC had it on sale for $70.