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Chew Affect Training?


Dose anyone know if chew effects training or your strength at all ? I am hoping that it isn't having any negatives effects on my training.


I'd be more worried about the negative effects on your mouth.

Ruhl smokes.


chew/dip is pretty universal in the army and i know some pretty strong/fit mofos that do it. you should be fine in that respect

like artem said, i'd be more worried about your mouth/throat


I dip while I work out. Everyone knows the benefits of dipping.

Dip is a large supplement in my dieting regime, helps burn fat and increases muscle/strength. I dead lift 5% more with a dip in.

P.S.A. brought to you by Brother.


Quit that shit. I dipped hardcore (tin every 2 days), guns receding, freaking out about cancer. Google oral cancer. If that doesn't make you quit, jut think how much protein you could buy each month with not having to buy 15 tins.

O how I miss the good old Grizzly.




I hate you for reminding me... as I chew a wad of Nicorette.



lol I think this is the second time you have damned me.

ahhh let me put in a lip before I go to bed.


I know its not the most healthy thing I can be doing but being a hockey player I probably wont be quiting anytime soon. I was more worried about the affects it might have have on my trainging but its good to hear that there are no negatvie effects.


the only negative effects come when you try to quit...so you probably shouldnt even try


What does chew have to do with hockey?


lol thanks for asking this, I don't get it either.


Have a history in my family of oral cancers among many others so I would definitely not touch that shit


I imagine having cancer would affect your training.


Oh yeah, well it is a proven fact that snuff ups your deadlift 6.9%. I read it in a russian strength journal! If no snuff is available the only other way to up your deadlift that amount is buy putting two wads of redman in both cheeks and two dips in the upper and lower lips at the sametime. Also spitting and bandits have been show to decrease totals by 50%.


Quitting dipping when you are on a junior hockey team is like trying to quit drinking alcohol in a bar full of people drinking and giving away free booze every day...it is only a matter of time until you snap and pull yourself a dip!


Haha thats a good way to put it. Playing hockey you kind of just pick it up seeing as pretty much the whole team chews, just something to do in the dressing room I guess.


I didnt think SO many people used dip (or w.e the correct term is)
I just thought people smoked cigs but in this forum it seems like theres more dippers or w.e than there are smokers.