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Chevy Silverado


Why is it so hard to get rid of a 89 silverado ex cab truck in texas? high gas prices?


It shouldn't be....

I wouldn't buy because of gas, though. Well, that and we don't need a truck. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe the truck's age has something to do with it?


sorry i meant to say 98 silverado.


Markets full of them maybe?

Whats the Blue Book on it and are you asking too much?

Also how are you advertising it?


There are a ton of those trucks, even more of them in texas for some reason.

Try putting it on ebay, I have bought and sold 6 cars/trucks/bikes with it. Great tool, and pretty cheap.

Gas prices are effecting the sales of pickups and suv's right now, particularly used ones. Best of luck



need some more info bro...What are you asking, what shape is it in...etc...?

All I can say is I just LOVE the hell out of my '03 siverado ext cab. Just love it. I also had a GMC Sierra before that and they were/are both great.


fully loaded except leather, power everything, including seats, dvd player 305 engineoff road tires, i think the biggest drawback is the 171k miles. asking 5900


You want to trade?

I got a '94 with 406K on it. Loaded.

I'll trade you even.


did you put ina new engine? what have you had to do other than normal maintenance? i love the truck and want to keep it, just figured that it will start falling apart soon........


at about what mileage did you start with problems if any?


You talking to me?


yes sir


The only problems I have had with my truck is the bolt on stuff. You know, like water pumps, starters, alternators, radiators. The engine and trans. are both original. No problems with them.
If I was you, I would change over to synthetic oil, if you haven't already, and change it every 5000 miles. Run 10W-30. Change the air filter about every 30,000 miles. Fuel filter about every 7000 miles. Tune it up at 125,000 miles. Leave the engine alone. If you have one of those cheap plastic radiators, you will have to change it about every 100,000 miles. They are shit, but they are easy to change.

Oh, and get used to people saying, when are you going to get rid of that thing?