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Chevy Avalanche

Hello everyone. I’m currently looking to buy a new car(truck) and the 2002 Chevy Avalanches have seriously caught my eye. I was just wondering if anybody on this board has one or knows somebody that has one. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

It’s a good truck, my friend has one, lots of functionality, be sure to weight for 03 model year, you can get it without the horrid clading. hope that helps.

I like the Denali, mainly because it has 4 wheel-steering. If you have ever driven a vehicle with 4 wheel steering, you will see why I like it. It’s very cool. Test drive one.

Take a look at the Dodge Venom SRT10. 500 horsepower and 500 foot pounds of torque. What a machine. Price is about $39,000 but a great vehicle if you can afford it. They had one at the SEMA show in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago and I fell in love with it. Its on my Christmas list.

Dodge venom? Never heard of it…500 horses and 500 lbs of torque, sounds like it’s got the same 7.9 liter engine as the viper. This is a SUV or a truck? And when is this available? If this is true, and you can purchase 500 horses for under 40 grand, everybody and thier grandma is goin to be drivin one. But in my opinion, the GMC Envoy
is a great SUV. It might be worth your time to just check up on it…

It’s a pick up. It has an 8 liter V-10 engine. Right now it is only available in a 6 speed manual with a Hurst shifter, naturally, but I understand that Dodge is looking for an automatic tranny that will handle the torque.