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Ive been working out chest and havent been getting a lot of gains
I do bench( incline, flat) dumbell press( Incline and flat) and flys
are there any other exercises i could do?


Click the “search” button, and type “chest exercises.” I am sure you will find something.

There are many many things you can do help your chest. However, rather than regurgitate them out here in this thread, you should use the search function, or look through the Article Library.

big P, first you need to define the word “gains”. Your question is very, very general. Size, pure strength, definition? Each of these will have different solutions based on what you are trying to achieve. Define this and it will help everyone here help you.


I’m going to give this gentleman the benifit of doubt, and assume that he is looking for some info beyond exersises. As many of us know, the “how” is critical, as well as the “what”. I suffer from the challange that my arms and shoulders often overpower my chest on many movements. I ditched the barbell work for a while and focused on dumbells, which enables me to focus on the contractions “accross” my body as well as “pressing” the weight up. As a result, when I returned to barbells, my weights had increased dramatically(i.e. 225 lbs for 5x5 on the incline bench; previously has a max of about 185 for the same). Getting “mass” on my chest is still a bitch, but my new strength has still come with some size increases. Christian’s articles are great a great help. If you’re at a level to digest a lot of “sceince”, pick up one of his e-books. Lots of good shit in there…

Check out Waterbury’s “Build a huge Chest in just six weeks”


by gains I mean I havent been getting stronger