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Heh everyone. Got a question. Last night I was
doing seated dips off of my bench with approx.
40 lbs weight on my lap to increase resistance
when on about the 4th rep going into the “down”
position something “popped” in my upper chest.
I felt it and had to stop immediately. Now I am
no doctor, but I know it isn’t a muscle or tear.
It is dead center in my upper chest region and
it’s in the hard, flat area just above the chest. When it happened it was like when a joint kind of pops out of place, like a shoulder or knee. Very strange. Never had this
happen before. This morning the whole area is
quite sore, but not horribly so. If I put any
pressure on it trying to lift, etc. it hurts
pretty bad as well. Sorry for rambling, but I am worried as to what the hell I did. Can anyone offer any ideas? Thanks for any help.

sternoclavicular joint?

It’s probably the cartilage in your sternum or something like that. I’ve had a similar thing happen to me & I just waited about a week & it got better. BTW bench dips are hard on the shoulders, so do parallel bar dips instead.

It sounds like you sternomanubrial joint. You may have sprained the ligaments in that joint. There is not a lot of movement that normally occurs there and I can’t really see how bench dips would affect the joint more than others. Anyway, is there any swelling? If there is, make sure to ice it. It is probably not something to worry about if you feel it getting better, but if it gets worse, go see a chiropractor(DC). I’m sorry, but unless you have a really good orthopedist, most MD’s won’t be able to help you. I could be wrong, but I generally think that neuromusculoskeletal problems are best handled by a DC.

Thanks guys for the replies. There is no swelling and I have a 'script for 800mg Ibuprofen and that seems to help a bit with the
soreness. It does hurt like a bitch when I try
to lift something of decent weight, though. Damn, I was just getting ready to start my first MAG-10 cycle next week! *#ck it, I may

I had the same exact thing happen to me it took it me about 2 weeks to fully recover. I would at least wait about a week and a half before doing any heavy lifting. Dont worry though its no big deal it will heal soon.

Just a thought that might save you some money. Just buy regular ole store brand Ibuprofen at any store and take 4 200 mg tablets. It’s the exact same thing.