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Chest Workout w/ Dumbbells?


Does anyone have powerful chest workouts for dumbells?


anything you can do with a barbell, you can do with DBs...read stickies. Go.


man iv seen you popping up a few times and asking very basic questions. do some reading and research of your own. honestly the things your asking don't require heaps of research look it up and make sure you read the stickies


I love dumbbells for chest

Stick to the basics man Incline/decline/flat dumbbell bench press, Incline/decline/flat dumbbell flies

pullovers are another option as well


This thread is unnecessary.

Advice would be better given here, in the OP's other thread discussing the bigger picture:



Youre making it sound like that someone should be doing all 6 at any given time. You have to be more precise with your words when posting in the BEGINNERS forum.

OP. Go lift some weights and eat food. Stop posting pictures of whatever that is in your avatar on the internet. ACtually, stop posting on lifting forums at all. Read SOME stuff and get to work. Nothing you have to ask is a new idea; meaning everything youre thinking has been asked before. Find it.