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Chest Width vs Thickness Exercises


So everyone knows certain back exercises are better for thickness and certain ones are better at width.

If the same is true for Chest I'd like to hear it. I'm not huge by any standards at this point but my chest is getting noticeably deeper without getting any wider at all. Or is this normal with the chest and it usually gets deeper and then wider?


Read an anatomy book please.

Pec sweep is genetic.


The back has multiple muscle groups. The chest is one muscle group.


This may help





if back is made from almost 13 different muscles and some movements involve more the lats (pulldownz for example) while others involve more the "upper back" and if a muscle cannot change his shape (well, if not under surgery) why all we speak about "back width" and "back thickness"??????
it would be more correct to speak about "upper back" ,lats and lower back.

example one; boy A does heavy pulldowns,no rows,no deads and no trap shrugs.
results; "wide" lats,weak upper back,weak lower back.

example two; boy B does heavy PDs plus heavy deads.
results; "wide" lats plus "thicker" low back and traps.

example trhee; boy C just do heavy deads.
results (if he gets not very good lat genetic): strong lower back,strong traps,so so upper back.

I think that we should speak of (upper,middle and lower) back development instead of " back width" and "back thickeneSS" because the essence of the juice is that if lats are well build they are wide and erectors are thick because of their shape :slight_smile:


Yep. You either contract the entire muscle fiber or contract none of it. The pecs have muscle fibers that run horizontally so you can't target "inner" or "outer" chest.


BBBBbut, i read that arnold said that he heard that you could expand your ribcage! Obv it is so true


So you don't believe in any specialization for the chest than? Than what is the one chest exercise you do? Incline? Dips? Flat Bench?


You're misunderstanding. He's basically saying that if your chest is thick but not that wide compared to someone else, that's due to genetics. You can't increase the genetic "wideness" of your chest. Of course he does more than 1 chest exercise. If you want the biggest most well developed chest that YOU can have you would definitely be smart to get strong in a moderate rep range on your incline, flat, AND decline/dipping movements.


What are you babbling on about?


Based on this post Im assuming you have no idea what "sweep" means. Correct?


Anecdotally I just don't believe this to be true from experience, for example how my chest grows from benching I get more growth near my pec insertions but from dumbbell bench press variations and other chest exercises I get more uniform growth across the entire pec.

But from a science perspective google "Is The All Or None Applicable To An Entire Muscle?" since I cannot link that article here.


I will go against what most are saying here and say I do believe there's a way (or more than one) to increase the width of the chest and make it well... wider...

I know my chest has got wider since doing this, and more than it would have by just... growing...

Search for "DC chest stretch"...

Basically... you place yourself in the lower position of a flat dumbell fly... and hold it for 1-2 minutes... in a kind of crucifix...

Keep the elbows poiting to the ground and just go as deep as you can.

You can try arching the lower back to push the ribcage up and increase the stretch

Dont fuck yourself up with this tough, start with low weights...


Posture, stretching, posing. I think that's pretty much all you can do to make your chest look wider.


if you make a muscle bigger, it will look different....it will reveal it's true shape...

if your not at advanced level, you have no idea what your chest shape is...

I suggest you focus on gaining 20-30lbs of lbm over the next couple yrs...cut down to 8-10% bf...and then you can accurately determine if you have good chest genetics or not...


bring up your front delt. nothing makes the outside of your chest look better than a gd pec delt tie in


The problem with this is that it's IMPOSSIBLE for you to KNOW this. You can believe it. But its not a fact simply because you believe it.

There are ways to may the chest LOOK wider. But aside from just making the muscle bigger you cant make the pecs wider. Pec sweep is genetic. Stretching doesnt change the muscle belly or the tendon length.



I'll rephrase for clarification

I do believe weighted stretches helped me get more out of my genetic limitations/muscle bellies/widght, etc.


I do believe you can probably increase the volume of your rib cage. or at least maximize whatever your potential is beyond muscular hypertrophy of the pectorals