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Chest Waxing Recommendation


I've never really liked chest hair. Shaving sucks so I'm thinking about waxing. What product/method might you guys recommend? What are your thoughts on waxing?

Perhaps it's a vain question, but for me, lifting has a lot to do with vanity.



PM Polish Rifle


Definitely post what you end up doing and the results.


I'd suggest you have a pro do it your first time, get some tips re: type of wax and method of waxing. Please post video.


Real men have hairy chests!




What he is saying is that he prefers the pre-pubescent motif.



It depends, Chest hair is all well and good, but things are different if you're one of the guys that has fur crawling up his neck.


I second this request!

Video or it didn't happen!


I recommend about 3 Vicodin about 1 hr before you try it, or just get to the point and have an IV drip of anesthesia.


hair is ugly


This thread is very gay :slight_smile:


OK, truth be told, I was asking about chest-waxing 'cause I figured the same principles would apply to the ol' butt crack. It's like tangled brambles down there, man, dark and mysterious. So a slash and burn operation is in order.

If you still want the video, though, I'll be sure to oblige. You guys want the before shot now?


You got a problem wit dat peach fuzz?


Dare ya. And I am now REALLY emphasizing the importance of professional intervention.




No, he said real man...


aaarrrhhhhhhhhhh KELLY CLARKSON


let me tell you from experience... it fucking hurts...


A belt sander and a bottle of whiskey will get you there cheaper...