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Chest Twice a Week, Overtraining?


Would training chest 2 days a week too much?


I doubt it.

Seeing as every newb program on earth has people squatting 16 times a week...

No one can answer this but yourself man. Everyone is different, but if you are eating enough and otherwise recovering there shouldn't be an issue with hitting chest twice a week.


overtraining isn't that easy.

In fact, I doubt anyone on this site trains so hard as to induce a state like that unless they simply weren't eating enough and were training like a jackass.


I don't believe in over training, but rather, under resting.


I train my chest 4 times per week. When frequency is increased, volume needs to be decreased. When volume increases, frequency should decrease. Training your chest twice per week is fine permitting you're recovering between sessions.


most people would do light day, heavy day
heavy day 3-6 rep max
light day 10-12 rep max


I never once went into the gym for a "light day". There may be a day where I don't lift quite as heavy for some reason or another (usually stress related), but no day where I went in and purposely lifted way less for no reason.

I trained chest twice a day when I wanted it to grow the most. I have done it as much as 3 days a week but 2 works better for recovery for me.


you never intentionally varied your rep scheme on some days?


No...if you had read some threads/articles on training splits, you would have answered your own question.


Why would I?

I do more reps on some movements now but that is my overall approach. I don't go in and do something different just for the sake of it. That would make it very hard to track progress long term.

fast twitch muscle fibers are responsible for the most growth. I set out from the start to maximize the growth in that department with full knowledge that I would eventually work the ones slowest to growth if needed and progress stunted.

Can I ask you WHY you would do that for no reason just to throw it in unless at a more advanced level?

I base what I do on the progress made and how I feel during a training session.


I was think more upper chest and then later in the week lower.

Anyone have a good suggestion workout I could try?


Im not saying you have to. you know what works for you. I thought in general it is easier to recover if you use lighter weights 1 day a week. and since we are talking about working hard to hit a 10 rep max on lightER day you still get the benefits of high frequency training.


That depends - what is the objective of the training: growth, strength, endurance????


I'd say if you train with a high amount of volume (i.e. a lot of reps/sets) then you only need to train each bodypart once per week, but it also depends on your nutrition and how well your body recovers..