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Chest/Tris or Chest/Bis


Always wondered this, is it more beneficial for hypertrophy to group chest with triceps or biceps? I'd imagine the advantage of pairing it with biceps is that the bi's then get a 2nd hit in the week on back day, but would this not be overtraining them?


Don't worry about overtraining your biceps unless you have elbow issues.

When I used to use a bodypart split I liked chest and biceps, I could go heavier on biceps as they weren't tied out from my back stuff.

Higher frequency is your friend.


Yates did Chest/Bi's. It worked for him.


I've been following the chest/bi & back/tri setup for about 4.5mo and it's been working great.

I'll be taking measurements in another month to see the difference it's making. But just from the numbers in the gym, it's good.

just make sure you space out those two days with some time off and/or leg or shoulder days...


I never really cared to do Chest/Tris since my tri get an ok workout already from chest. I like to hit them when they're fresh and pair them with bi's

just my preference of course


For you guys doing chest/bi,back/tri, where do incline presses and flat benching fit in? Do you do one each day?


I have done both and like them both. I especially love changing from chest/tri to chest/bi after doing chest/tri for a while. Your bi and tri numbers go straight up. But. Its kinda nice to go back to chest/tri after awhile and expose them to all that volume again. But only after swtiching excercises so you don't stall out. I am currently doing an arm day. Don't be afraid to experiment and try different splits. There is no one way to do it.


Was this a serious question? I'll treat it as such. As long as you are using a moderate to wide grip, they should both be done on your chest day. Now if you are talking about narrow grip benching then i would do that on your tri day.


I prefer to do back/bi chest/tri and then space out a dedicated arm day later in the week. Maybe if I did a 4 day split and took away my arm day I would do it that other way, something to consider to increase my frequency on a different muscle group to twice a week..


i do flat bench on chest day and i don't do incline bench press b/c it bothers the shit out of my shoulders.

what i do instead is; on shoulder day, i do seated db presses but not at 90deg. i sit back a few notches.


Incline bothers your shoulders but flat doesn't? Huh.
Hows your form and setup on incline... Sure you keep your chest/sternum high, shoulders back and delts and upper back on the bench at all times, slight arch, scapula drawn back and together? Do you use a 45 degree or some such incline, or a low incline?
Touch your chest with the bar or not? Very wide grip?


I'm on chest/tri right now and like DJS said, the volume great.

I'll be switching up pretty soon (mid February) when I start implementing heavier chest work, but for now I like it a lot.


I do chest/tris.


i'm going to try chest/bis.
The best thing i see about it is when your moving too biceps after you've finished chest your arms are pumped, but your biceps isn't fatigued.


Yates did Chest+Bis+Tris for years. Pretty nice, actually, when you're on a 3-way.


chest/tris. Doing board work on my back day would fuck me up.


Back (rear delts included)

That's my 4-day split and I'm really enjoying it... just feels better than doing tris with chest. My bis and tris seem to be responding to this really well too.


Yeah dude that's a good split right there


I like chest and bi's with larry scott style reverse grip dips. Scott claims there a chest bicep connection. They seem to work well.


I use a push/pull routine, so it's chest and triceps in the same work out. Besides, my triceps are nicely pre-exhausted after hitting chest.