Chest/Tris and Back/Bis or Chest/Bis and Back/Tris?

Do you combine Chest with Triceps and Back with Biceps or Chest with Biceps and Back withTriceps?

at the moment i do push / pull / legs so its chest-delts-triceps one day and back-biceps other day.

i combined chest with biceps and back with triceps before.

advantage : you can lift more weight since they arent pre-fatigued.

disadvantage : you need extra time to warm them up. when you use ppl, triceps is warmed up because you did chest and delts, biceps is warmed up because you did back. its time efficient.

I’m a new lifter. That’s my disclaimer.

I do back and bi’s
Chest and tris and shoulders
And legs.

Here recently i did bi’s and tris together and the pump felt awesome, not sure if it was better or not, just felt good.

Same for me.

chest tris and delts one day
back bis next day
legs other day

Thanks for the responses. Although Chest/Tris (push muscles) and Back/Bis (pull) seem to be the norm, going the other way (chest/biceps, back/tris) would work the arms more frequently. I notice a few people are doing this.

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I’ve been doing upper/lower or full body the last 2ish years so I’m a fan of all 4 at once

I agree with you about the frequency, if you separate triceps from chest it’s almost like you get an extra half workout for each.

I think breaking them up is a good approach for asthetics/ arm size goals, or if bis or tris are a specific weakness.

The draw back is my elbows and bicep/shoulder tie in area taking a beating from more frequency and bigger, heavier arm lifts.

Chest with triceps, as triceps were stubborn for me. def made a difference

If you do shoulders/legs on a third day then you’re hitting your shoulders/arms in some fashion every session, which may be a positive or a negative depending on goals/recovery etc.